First Visits To Sacred Places in Holy Week 2019

Holy Week is always a good chance to unwind from very stressfull daily working routine.

The most we can do is reconnect ourselves to the Divine thru prayers, contemplation and meditation.

On my part, I spent my Holy Week with yoga retreat and spiritual visits at Ma-Cho Temple In San Fernando, La Union and Mount Tabur In Tagudin, Ilocos Sur.

It’s my first visit to Ma-Cho or Mazu Temple – a Taoist Buddhist temple dedicated to the Chinese sea-goddess Mazu though venerated also in the temple are other Buddhist goddess – Tu Di Gong or Tho Ti Kong (earth god) Kuan Yi Ma or Mother Guanyin (goddess of mercy) and Chinese Saints carved in stone statues.

I personally believe that spirituality is not limited only to any traditional religion like Catholicism or Christianity because it is important that we tune in to the Divine.

I am a Catholic but I respect other religious practices such as Buddhism considering it’s one of the ancient spiritual practice systems in the world.

Watch Full Video: Ma-Cho Temple 2019

Another first visit was to the Mount Tabur located in Barangay Bio, Tagudin, Ilocos Sur. Locals believed that this is the counterpart of Mount Tabor in Israel where Christ changed his in front of his disciples Peter, John and James. Mount Tabur is considered a sacred place for prayers and meditation but you need to climb up with more than 300 steps to reach the surface.

Watch the full video: Mount Tabur 2019

One of the best part of my Lenten break is the Yoga retreat with some yoga buddies. I always encourage everyone to try yoga not only to get fit and in good shape but learn to attune or be receptive to energies of nature and realign to the Universe.

Watch Video: Yoga Retreat

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