Wholistic Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness should not be focused alone in the physical body. It should be ‘wholistic’ – mind, body and spirit. We should be aware that the manifestation of any sickness or illness, starts in the astral body before it materializes in the physical. This is why most spiritual healers, shamans, and energy healers do their job by healing first the astral body of the sick and the healing of the physical body follows.

It is very important that we maintain a wholistic good health – healthy mind, healthy spirit and healthy body.



The Healing Power of Crystals

Crystals are proven to have qualities of healing and maintaining good health.

GD Crystals – when I started deploying GD Crystals on January 8, 2009, it was proven to be very effective against numerous illness (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical).

Eight Facts About The GD Crystal

First: The GD Crystal has a mystical DIAMOND shape and cuts compared to other crystals. It is Universally programmed that makes it potent with maximum benefits of healing, psychic development and protection, good fortune and other usage especially for meditation, visualization, astral projection, and other metaphysical purGD CRYSTAL OFFICIAL PHOTOposes. The GD crystal is genuine compared to other (same cuts) wishing feng shui crystals that have plastic materials.

Second. The GD crystal derived from it’s original name “Guardian Diamond” have been energized and Universally programmed thru channeling and meditation from Cosmos together with other Higher Beings. The GD crystal has been originally used as GUARDIAN against “negative energies and  dark entities” showed some spectacular results for scanning/cleansing from negative forces; absorbing the energies of disease, viruses from the the etheric/physical body; protecting the body/area from psychic attacks; establishing a harmonized environment free from negative forces or bad chi; and improving the chi of good luck, drawing the positive energies to make a successful business and
financial inflow.

Third. The GD cyrstal has been tested in a series of field study/research with some psychics, clairvoyants, healers and even with some skeptics  to prove it’s unique power for energy balancing and destruction of dark entities such as black dwarves, horned entities, red-eyed hooded shadows, dark elementals, black magic executioners, unwanted thought energies and harmful psychic attacks or hexes.

Fourth. The GD crystal is a tool that aids people to enhance their sensitivity or psychic ability by using the crystal at all times – magnetic healing, meditation, spiritual cleansing, exorcism, crystal gazing, wishing and whatever activity you want to engage in especially in paranormal investigations/ghost huntings.

Fifth. The GD crystal is proven to possess both Magnetic and Electric Energies that makes it POWERFUL. Clairvoyants say they could see lightning bolts inside the crystal (Watch 62-years old Man’s Testimony Video); circular psychic lights; multi-colored energies (Watch healer Elias Pascasio Testimony Video); that function according to it’s programmed thought form.

Sixth. The GD crystal with it’s Universal programming and channeling by MPN’s Rey T. Sibayan proved it’s POWER and POTENT to benefit the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of man. With it’s Universal program and channeled energies, the GD crystals can be used according to the intentions of any person. The GD crystal is exclusively programmed for POSITIVE THOUGHTS and AFFIRMATIONS.

Seventh: The GD crystal varies its magnetic power according to its size (small, medium, large, extra-large, jumbo) but the bigger the size the  more powerful magnetic energy and wider range, though the energy varies on how the healer or individual uses the GD Crystals.

Eighth: The GD crystals must be positioned upright (like a pyramid) its tip pointing the Heavens or Cosmos for continuous energy recharging. Everytime it absorbs the negative energies/entities it uses it’s channeled energies to destroy them and automatically recharges to replenish its energy (Watch Raymart Sibayan Testimony Video). The GD crystals must be washed/cleansed with water only to keep it’s POWER, MIGHT and POTENCY.

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