The Power of GD Crystals

Eight Facts About The GD Crystal


First: The GD Crystal has a mystical DIAMOND shape and cuts compared to other crystals. It is Universally programmed that makes it potent with maximum benefits of healing, psychic development and protection, good fortune and other usage especially for meditation, visualization, astral projection, and other metaphysical purposes. The GD crystal is genuine compared to other (same cuts) wishing feng shui crystals that have plastic materials.

Second. The GD crystal derived from it’s original name “Guardian Diamond” have been energized and Universally programmed thru channeling and meditation from Cosmos together with other Higher Beings. The GD crystal has been originally used as GUARDIAN against “negative energies and  dark entities” showed some spectacular results for scanning/cleansing from negative forces; absorbing the energies of disease, viruses from the the etheric/physical body; protecting the body/area from psychic attacks; establishing a harmonized environment free from negative forces or bad chi; and improving the chi of good luck, drawing the positive energies to make a successful business and
financial inflow.

Third. The GD cyrstal has been tested in a series of field study/research with some psychics, clairvoyants, healers and even with some skeptics  to prove it’s unique power for energy balancing and destruction of dark entities such as black dwarves, horned entities, red-eyed hooded shadows, dark elementals, black magic executioners, unwanted thought energies and harmful psychic attacks or hexes.

Fourth. The GD crystal is a tool that aids people to enhance their sensitivity or psychic ability by using the crystal at all times – magnetic healing, meditation, spiritual cleansing, exorcism, crystal gazing, wishing and whatever activity you want to engage in especially in paranormal investigations/ghost huntings.

Fifth. The GD crystal is proven to possess both Magnetic and Electric Energies that makes it POWERFUL. Clairvoyants say they could see lightning bolts inside the crystal (Watch 62-years old Man’s Testimony Video); circular psychic lights; multi-colored energies (Watch healer Elias Pascasio Testimony Video); that function according to it’s programmed thought form.

Sixth. The GD crystal with it’s Universal programming and channeling by MPN’s Rey T. Sibayan proved it’s POWER and POTENT to benefit the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of man. With it’s Universal program and channeled energies, the GD crystals can be used according to the intentions of any person. The GD crystal is exclusively programmed for POSITIVE THOUGHTS and AFFIRMATIONS.

Seventh: The GD crystal varies its magnetic power according to its size (small, medium, large, extra-large, jumbo) but the bigger the size the  more powerful magnetic energy and wider range, though the energy varies on how the healer or individual uses the GD Crystals.

Eighth: The GD crystals must be positioned upright (like a pyramid) its tip pointing the Heavens or Cosmos for continuous energy recharging. Everytime it absorbs the negative energies/entities it uses it’s channeled energies to destroy them and automatically recharges to replenish its energy (Watch Raymart Sibayan Testimony Video). The GD crystals must be washed/cleansed with water only to keep it’s POWER, MIGHT and POTENCY.

For more inquiries: Email at

The GD Crystal for healing, psychic protection, meditation and psychic development. For inquiries: 09081217808; 09179076847.

The GD Crystal for healing, psychic protection, meditation and psychic development. For inquiries: 09081217808; 09179076847.

Arvin Capacillo of Caloocan City

1401605_689920361033122_1902125942_oAng mga stress reliever ko sa office… 1 jumbo & 2 small sized GD crystals…!!!

Donna Riza, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

My mother has been pushing me to buy this GD crystal and I kept on agreeing, but when that time comes, I always ended up in spending the money on my scholars for I believe that poor children’s education is much more important than buying it. It was last month when I prayed to let me have it and presto! I was able to buy it. The real reason of having it is to protect me from envy people who always stab me at my back. I was raised with a very charitable heart, that even if we aren’t that rich, my parents kept on adopting non relative people and send to school. So I wanted to do the same as always. These envy people keep on stabbing my back without knowing the real reason behind my business, and to be honest, I want my business to grow bigger to help more poor children in sending to school. That’s all I want, moreover, my wishes was granted little by little. I hope my all of my wishes will be granted for it is being used in good deed. Lastly, my grandmother (non relative family friend) was healed with my crystal when she held it on her palm. I was much happier to see her walking straight when we put it on her butt. It also saved her life when she was feverish and delirious.

Dexter Christian Saarenas Dapanas, Cagayan de Oro

The GD crystal is really amazing and powerful. so Glad and happy to have it from Bro Rey T. Sibayan. highly recommend this for everyone to have.

GD Crystals Encounter with Aswang

A woman observed some strange reactions when she met an aswang mother and her two daughters while carrying a GD crystal in her pocket. Unknown to the mother and her children about the hidden GD crystal, they complained some strange feelings like irritability, uncomfortable, itchiness on the whole body and heat energy that they cannot really explained. A man came into the office and availed a couple of GD crsytals.  The man asked some details on how to use the GD crystal and I explained to him everything, first i laid  all five sizes of the GD crystals (small, medium, large, extrakarge and Jumbo) on the table, and told him the different qualities of the GD crystals according to their respective size…especially i explained to him the big difference of the Jumbo GD compared to the smaller sizes.  I told him to try sensing the energies of the GD crystals from one size to another and later on focused on the biggest one – the jumbo size – and he did, and told me he could sense the pulsating energies and stronger with the Jumbo GD..  After explaining the details, he just took two small sizes and promised to get the bigger size if the budget is available. Few minutes after he left the office, the man texted me and admitted he brought a bottle of alleged aswang oil in his pocket, but he vehemently denied he is an aswang. He just told me, a friend gave the oil to him for his protection and maybe for curiousity he wants to test what could be the effect of the GD crystal’s energy to the aswang oil. He said the aswang oil reacted to the energy of the GD crystal, it’s temperature rised up. “May dala kasi akong langis na nakalagay sa maliit na garapa, sa pagkakaalam ko po nito sa Cebu ay langis daw to ng aswang, naramdaman ko po kanina  na uminit ang langis sa bulsa ko,” the man said in his text message. The man further explained, “Nung hawakan ko po ang Jumbo GD niyo ay naramdaman ko po na uminit ang dala ko kanina nakalagay sa bulsa ko, kaya ko po hinawakan ng matagal agn Jumbo GD dahil sinubukan ko talaga kung magre-react ang dala ko.” “Pakiramdam ko ay parang napapaso ang balat ko na nasa tapat ng bulsa na pinaglagyan ko nung langis, hanggang sa bus nako ay nararamdaman ko pa rin ang init,” the man added. He also admitted he has doubts about the alleged aswang oil now he proved that it also has supernatural power as the GD crystal also has the power, when he felt the energies of two small GD crystals. “Kasi po 50/50 din ako dati sa langis na yun, eh nagreact siya sa GD kaya ibig sabihin naapektuhan siya ng kapangyarihan ng GD, kaya sigurado pareho silang merong power, the man said, “dalawa ang napatunayan ko ibig sabihin totoo ang kapangyarihan ng langis ayon sa sinasabi ng mga taga samin sa cebu at napatunayan ko rin na ang lakas talaga ng power ng GD.” I remember when a friend brought to me an aswang oil in a small plastic bottle last year. The color is yellow-green with a stinky odor or very strong and unpleasant smell.

Flor Abanto of Manila, Philippines

St. Scholastica Masscom Lady Professor. Flor Abanto of St. Scholastica College acknowledges Guardian Diamond (GD) Crystal on air during their weekly program in DZRH, Manila, Philippines on December 3, 2011. She was suffering from sore throat and cough before the start of their program. Mr. Rey Sibayan suggested Prof. Flor to drink water energized by the GD Crystal and the result was amazing.

Watch Flor’s Testimonial on radio broadcast

June of Laguna, Philippines

My wife wake me ng mga 2:37am she said that my kuya’s wife that is pregnant called and pumunta na sila sa hospital dahil manganganak na. ang sagot ko pa nga is bukas na ng umaga tayo pumunta coz im still tired and sleepy. Pero right after ko sabihin lahat ng iyon I stand up go to our CR naghilamos and umihi. after nun hindi na ako makatulog. so I ask my guides again to help me unravel the mysteries of jengjeng’s attack. then It all came blurred then I see my self lying in the bed next to my wife sleeping. Akala ko nananaginip lang ako then may humawak sa balikat ko yung hands niya is malaki pa sa ulo ko when i look up to him he is a very huge guy maybe 9 to 10 feet in height, long haired braided the face almost look like me but sobra ang laki ng muscles parang body builder wala siya suot shirt ang pangibaba niya ay parang leather na palda he wore a sandals and may hawak siyang GD crystal sa other hand niya na kasing laki ng buong ulo ko the crystal is parang may sariling liwanag inside of it and it changes it colors every second. He then told me to come with him. Para kami nag teleport bigla kami nasa isang bahay with a big big long table siguro good for 20 to 25 persons ang seating capacity. meron ako nakita doon na 5 na matatanda nakaupo pero tahimik lang sila. then para kami may inaantay. Ng biglang may tumalon sa akin he was 4 feet tall large nose large eyes muscular body and sobra galit siya sakin he also  wears the same clothing as the large man na sumundo sakin. habang sinusugod niya ako sumigaw yung sumundo sakin. ang sabi niya “GAMITIN MO MGA CRYSTALS MO” tapos bigla lumitaw yung dalawang Jumbo GD ko sa kamay ko from them may lumabas na white and blue transparent light bigla ako nacover nun tapos para siya shell makintab but transparent. then kahit ano attack niya hindi tumatalab so lalu siya nagalit then after a few minutes may dumating na lalake he was also 4 feet wears black hood na merong hawak na 1 foot na staff na may kalawit yung dulo (mukang karet)  sinaway niya yung umaatake sakin then humundag yun palayo. nilapitan ako nung nakahood tinanggal yung hood niya nagulat ako kamuka din niya yung umaatake sakin. then nagpakilala siya na isa siya prinsipe ng  engkanto ng lupa at siya ang gusto kumuha kay jeng jeng gagawin daw niya itong prinsesa. then with a tone of voice na galit sinabi niya sakin na hahanap daw siya ng paraan para matalo or malusutan yung protector na ipinahiram ko kay jengjeng using the latin prayers then sabi niya na wag na wag ako magbababa ng guard ko. then upon saying those words nagalit yung big guy na kasama ko then they start talking in a language na hindi ko maintindihan pero sa itsura ng conversation nila they are arguing and want to fight each other pero restricted sila dahil may mga elders na nakaupo doon sa mesa then after nila magusap the big guy told me not to be afraid because siya at ang lahat ng guides na pinadala for me will protect me and guard me at all times. then paghawak niya sakin para kami ulit nagteleport sa room namin ng wife ko. the last words na sinabi nung big guy sakin is that siya yung bata na lagi ko kasama na nakikita ng mga clairvoyant friends ko hindi niya ako iniiwan at lagi siya nasa tabi ko to help me with all my undertakings. then para ako hinigop ng katawan ko na nakikita ko na natutulog then I woke up Its already 6:30am tapos ang pakiramdam ko is sobrang bigat ng katawan ko, ang sakit sakit ng mga binti ko at paa ko and gutom na gutom ako. But you know guys I was shocked when  i woke up my 2pcs Jumbo GD crystals are in my hands. and sa sobra higpit ng hawak ko sa kanila bakat na bakat yung mga edges nila sa hands ko that morning. More about June’s Experience: Close Encounter in my Astral Projection

Gilbert Ilustre, Manila, Philippines

Bumili ako ng Gd crystal nitong April 2013 . Itinabi ko sya sa pagtulog ko at naramdaman ko na lumakas ang consentrasyon dahil nakokontrol ko na ang visualization. At mabilis na nakakatulog na ako. Tapos noong nagpa cheak up ako sa Ust nag diagnose na sila na hindi bipolar disorder ang sakit. Dahil sa na panatili ko yung pag-inom ng pinakamababangdosage na gamot. At nakakapagtrabaho pa naman ako. Sabi nila kapag bipolar daw ang sakit ay mataas na dosage ang pinapainom nila. At mahal daw ang gamot napinapainom doon. Matapos ang matagal na panahon, ngayon lang maliwanag sa isip ko na isa ngang kaso yung ng possesiono sapi. Dahil kung hindi naman bipolar yun, dahil kahit na hindi ako uminom ng gamot ay nakakatulog parin ako. siguradong kagagawan nga iyon ng masamang spiritu. More about Gilbert’s GD Testimony and experience: Personal Experience of Sapi Resolved by the GD Crystal

Angelo of Manila, Philippines

Na-dengue yung kapatid ko pero nagpatawas sya ang sabi may maligno daw na umano sa kapatid ko. so sinubukan ko yung GD crystal, tapos nag meditate ako, naka extend yung left hand ko sa kapatid ko, right hand hawak yung GD. then nag ask ako ng assistance from God, guardian angel and ET friends. ayun nung na concentrate ko yung white energy sa left hand ko, at nung sinara ko yun. may nakuha ako biglang bumigat yung left arm ko, mula kamao hanggang balikat. di ko nakita eh, pero ang bigat nya. ginawa ko, habang naka close fist, pinatong ko yung gd sa ibabaw ng left hand ko. then nagiwan ako ng konting space sa kamay ko. para ang lalabasan nya papunta sa GD. tapos nahigop ng GD yung laman nung left hand ko. More on Angelo’s Experience: Another Proof of GD Crystals’ True Power

M/Sgt. Cesar Valdez (La Union)

This is unbelievable but incredible experience of a person from the province of La Union, Philippines claiming he was saved by the Mystical Guardian Diamond (GD) Crystal from his attackers. Cesar Valdez says one of the attackers was armed with bolo and he managed to subdue him with this nightstick. Valdez couldn’t believe what he saw when his attackers looked-like frozen in time, or unconsciously he (Valdez) entered into a slow-motion time warp and easily neutralized the armed persons. During the video interview, Valdez narrates his strange experience and believes the GD crystal saved him from the attacks. GD Crystal saves Man’s Life against Attackers .Valdez couldn’t believe what he saw when his attackers looked-like frozen in time, or unconsciously he (Valdez) entered into a slow-motion time warp and easily neutralized the armed persons.

During the video interview, Valdez narrates his strange experience and believes the GD crystal saved him from the attacks.

Elisio Balisi (Tupi, Maguindanao):

“Pinuntahan ko ang kababata, nakita ko hindi makalakad hirap magsalita. Ayon sa kanyang misis, labingwalong oras na biglang nawala nang makita walang damit at shorts, naka-brief na lang. Ipinatong ko ang GD Crystal sa tuhod, dibdib, ulo mga tatlong minuto bawat isa, at ng sabihan kong: TAYO! at LAKAD!…bigla siyang tayo at naglakad. Nagulat ang kanyang asawa na nasa tabi lang. Nagtanong sa akin kungano ang ginawa ko. Sabi ko wala.” “May maganda po akong experience tungkol sa aking Guardian Diamond. Ang isa naming lider sa harvesting ng pineapple ay pumunta sa bahay isang araw ng linggo, humihingi ng tulong dahil ang kanyang tatlong taong anak na babae ay nagkasakit ng dengue.humiram siya ng 1,500 pesos. pinahiram ko ang aking at binigyan ng instruction kung paano gamitin ang GD.Sabi ko, ihagod niya sa may rushes na kamay ng anak nya then ipatong sa forehead. sabi ko, puntahan ko siya sa hospital pagkagaling ng marbel kasi doon kami nagsisimba.Nang makapunta ako sa hospital, tinanong ko kung kamusta nya.Sagot nya sa akin, ok na kuya lalabas na kami bukas, magaling na ang anak ko. /May isa pa akong karanasan tungkol naman sa muntik na kaming maaksidente noong Nov. 30, 2010 habang binabagtas namin ang daan sa BUDA, Bukidnon papunta kami ng Cagayan de Oro, umuulan, madulas ang daan at zigzag bigla umikot ang aming sinasakyan na pick-up, dalawang ikot na malakas nahilo ako, wala kaming imikan. paghinto ng ikot, napansin ko kalahating metro na lang ang layo ng sasakyan sa bangin. Noon lang kami nakaramdam ng takot nang huminto na. sabay namin nakapa ang aming mga GD, saka kami nakahinga ng maluwag, haay saalamat sa GD.”

Prof. Jimmy Licauco of Makati, Philippines

“This kind of energy where there is balance influences the energy of the body and therefore it can work on the etheric level or the energy level. Before it comes in the physical it first must start in the energy field. Kapag balanse ang energy field will go down to the physical later on. Kaya yan nakakapag-HEAL.”

Jun Gutierrez of Batangas

“Sir Rey, yun pong GD Crystal ginamit ko babad sa tubig para sa sisiw instead of vetracin. Ok naman po. Last 2 days, sinalpok ang aking inahing manok. One-month old tuta nakita ko kagat niya dila tapos nakatihaya na may lumobo sa ulo. Pinatungan ko ng GD Crystal sa ulo tapos na-revive ang tuta. Thank you po. Namaste.”

Donald Alvarez (Negros Occidental):

“My name is Donald and I want to testify the power of the Guardian Diamond.I first got my GD when a friend of mine went home to the Philippines from Saudi Arabia. Since Sir Rey Sibayan don’t ship the GD abroad I ask my friend to buy some for me. I am a collector of crystals and stones but I never heard about the amazing properties and power of GD as Sir Rey claim in his videos in MPN website.At first,I was skeptical about the testimonies about the GD but I decided to give it a try. When the GD arrived to me I experimented it by freezing as one of the members of MPN have posted on the website, and I found out that it has formed a vortex when the GD submerged in a glass of water and frozen for 8 hours.But then,I was not fully convinced about the ability of GD to destroy bad entities. I have a friend who is clairvoyant and I let him look at the GD not telling him what he is about to see.He was very surprised to see different kinds of entities inside the GD and disappear,he never saw anything like that before. Another incident also happened when I also let my landlord see the GD.He claimed that he can see spirits so I tested him by telling him to gaze inside the diamond,again, not telling him what he is about to see.In his amazement he saw a drawf inside and a spirit of a woman. After so many tests I made I was convinced that this is the real thing.  I also perform spiritual healing and auric cleansing that I studied through books.I am not a natural healer but I got some good results thru practice.I wondered if I can use the GD for healing so I tried it to my wife and also got good results,she feels refreshed everytime I massage her with sesame oil and GD. One bad news came to me last year when my father was diagnosed with tumor in his kidney,it was December 9 ,2010.The doctor said he cannot be operated anymore because the cancer cells have spread to his pancreas and he have only 2 to 5 months to live.I was devastated because I cannot go home immediately for my Saudi boss would not allow me to go home. I been calling Sir Rey Sibayan and asked the cellphone number of Brother Emil to ask him if he can heal my father.Since I was in Saudi Arabia it’s difficult to set an appointment and bring him in my province.When I finally got home last February 28 I drop by to Sir Rey in DZRH. I just came from the airport from 8 hours journey. I asked questions to Sir Rey and I bought some GD from him.He charged the crystals in front of me,since I’m sensitive to energy I sensed the energy when he charged the crystals. When I came to see my father he was weak but still able to walk but cannot travel far.I treat him with my own healing technique I developed using The GD.It is similar to Bro. Emil’s healing technique (I copied from his videos) but with the combination of energy healing and massage. I read the books of Deepak Chopra , Michael Bradfod and Prof. Jaime Licauco so I understand the principles of Quantum healing with some isoteric touch. With God’s grace,it’s almost 6 months since my father was diagnosed with cancer and he is doing fine and can now travel.He is fond of cockfigting so I go with him everytime he want to go.I don’t disregard some factors for his healing,I let him wear Quantum Pendant,and he drink Miracle Juice from Davao nuns which I think have also helped.But,I think GD have helped him a lot for his healing,I cleansed the house from negative entities using the GD that I think have contributed to his disease and it removed the negative energies from his body. Thank You,Sir Rey for knowing you and for the Guardian Diamond.With my testimony I know lot of people will understand the healing power of GD and many will be benefited from it. GOD BLESS!”

Venus Laniohan (Keram Isulan, Sultan Kudarat):

“4 years old na po siya (her sone John Carl). Hindi na po siya makalakad, normal po siya sa panganganak at the age of 1 year and 9 months, nag-kombulsiyon dinala namin sa hospital. Madami po nagsabi na makakalakad siya kasi hindi po na-deform ang legs niya. 3 weeks ko na po siya minamasahe at pinapainom ng pinagbabaran ng GD Crystal. Meningitis daw po ang sakit pero hindi naman po lumaki ang ulo niya at normal naman po siya pag ipa-remind namin ang past niya smile po siya at malaki po ang improvement since nakainom siya ng water energized by the GD Crystal. May mga words na po siya maisalita. Normal na po pagbabawas niya hindi tulad noon 4 days pa po bago siya magbawas. I really thank God for making the GD crystal as an instrument for healing my son.”

Be Lene (Paranaque City);

Through the years I have gotten used to gossips and lies made by people around me and would turn a deaf ear over their hurtful comment about how I run my life and my business. But this year was different, I started to feel pain on my right upper back  starting last April with no reason at all. I went to see my very good  muscle doctor who did manipulation and high frequency ultrasound on my whole back. He said it was hard from stress. But after 3 treatments from him and still no improvement, I did not return to him.. I then happen to see an authentic Tuina Massage practitioner in Clark and tried him too. My shoulder did not get any better, in fact it had gotten worse. So I resorted to hilot and massage. But the pain was still there. On some nights it was throbbing with pain as if it was alive. It was really bothering me already and I would put “omega” ointment just so I could sleep. All through this I went on with my life.  By May, a cosmic healer came from Australia who was to have classes in my center.  I excitedly went in line to have a healing session with her. During the healing she told me that my whole back , that is from head to toe was full of poison arrows and there was even a big dagger behind my head! She immediately removed them at the same time swearing as she gets hurt while pulling them out. She whispered to me the person responsible for it. I can’t believe my ears and refused to believe it.  She advised me have a healing session at least once a week. The pain has lessened for a few days but came back with a vengeance so I had an acupuncture this time. I had about 3 sessions  but the pain was still there.  After 2 month,  I happen to be in  the house that a friend used to rent, I happen to see my picture on the bedroom window sill all dusty (perhaps from incense). Days went by and that image didn’t sat well on me.  I decided to have a “tawas”. It again confirmed that  there were a lot of arrows on the whole of my back. Finally I realized that is not something I should take lightly and started praying for my protection. The day I decided to post my prayer on Fb, was  the day I got to finally be introduced to the GD crystal. With sincere concern from Mr. Rey Sibayan, he told me to try the GD crystal which was with me for quite some time now.  I instructed  someone to hold the GD and rub it on my back. Stop where it won’t slide easily. She was doing it for about 8 minutes when she felt so hot as if there was a huge furnace in front of her. Her hands and feet began to sweat like never before. She was dumbstruck of what was happening to her. She lamented that her stomach seems to be full and then she did a burping sound. I asked her to stop when she feels that the heat has subsided. We finished after another 12 minutes. I noticed my shoulder pain seemed to have gone. After washing the GD crystal, she returned the GD to me. The moment my hand touched the GD crystal, I had a loud burp. Then it continues for the whole night, burping like a beer drinker would do . I burped and burped until I feel like throwing up. I suddenly felt ill but still no vomit came. The person who rubbed the GD came back to tell me that she was still feeling hot and her palm was very pale. I then told her to hold the GD and shield herself. Upon going to bed, I decided to put the GD crystal just below my pillow and the burping continues. Then I had a long fart! The farting went on the whole night fortunately there wasn’t any smelI When i stir in bed, I would hear myself let out a loud fart. The following morning as I rise from the bed, I noticed that my neck was looser and the pain has not  returned.  I believe something was taken out from my back and shoulder. It seems more flexible now and I can hear my bones do their normal movement sound. I decided to make a GD water to drink before I leave for work The whole day was fine, I wasn’t bothered with any pain. At night I tried to have the GD rubbed on my back again. The same person who did it the previous night told me that the heat now was not as hot as it was the previous night though her hands and feet were still sweating. For me, I was being soothed to sleep. While she rubbed it on my back, I’m able to feel the warmth of the GD on my back as if I was having an ultrasound treatment. I actually fell into a light sleep. After washing the GD crystal, I hold on to it again and burping continues. Right now, as I write this, I am taking my GD water and I noticed a taste. hmmmm… I am now a GD believer haha…I didn’t realize it can do so much! I really would like others to try it too by holding to it and see what happens. Best of all I should remember to shield myself with the GD to protect myself from this kind of psychic attack. Thanks again to Mr. Rey Sibayan for introducing me to the GD crystal! It is a powerful tool and would be able to help a lot of people!

 Roberto P:

“4 to 5 years na po na halos walang lakas o gana sa pakikipagtalik, kung minsan wala talagang pakikipagniig sa isang linggo. Ang problema po kasi 30 years old lang ang aking 2nd wife. Ngayon po regular na po at masaya kami ni misis. Salamat po sa Guardian Diamond Cyrstal at nanumbalik po ang aking sex life. Umiinom po ako ng tubig na energized ng GD Crystal.”

Stan Mallari of Manila: 

share ko lang yung plants namin na ginamitan ko ng GD crystal. nung binili namin tong dalawa sobrang ganda pa may kulay blue na maliit na flowers pa sa taas. yung left nilagay ko sa terrace ko and yung sa right sa terrace ng kuya ko. after 3 days nagumpisang malanta yung dalawang plants tapos after 1 week nag dry na mga flowers at ganun din yung mga dahon. narealize namin na pang indoor pala ang halaman na ganito kaya after 1 month namatay yung halaman ko as in dry na dry pati yung stem para yung nasa right na vase. tapos nung time na namatay yung halaman triny kong ayusin yung lupa tsaka putulin yung stem. tapos binuhusan ko ng tubig na binabadan ng gd crystal. every night kong ginagawa kasi malakas ang feeling ko na mabubuhay pa yung halaman. after 1 week may tumubo na isang stem ng halaman tapos tinuloy tuloy ko lang yung pagdilig at hanggang ngayon malaki na yung halaman at 3 na yung stem. yung sa kuya ko naman unti unting namatay dahil di rin regular ang pagdilig. ang pinagtataka ko lang kung  san galing yung ganitong halaman  kasi hindi ganito yun nung binili namin.

Erlinda Palanca (Meycauayan, Bulacan):

Last April sumakit ng matindi ang tiyan ng anak ko. Dinala ko sa doctor at na-diagnose na gastritis. Medicines prescribed at sinunod namin pero sumpong pa rin ang sakit. Sabi ng doctor magpa-ultrasound sinunod namin at negative naman ang result. Dito ko naisip ang Guardian Diamond (GD) crystal na ibinabad sa tubig at ininom ng anak ko everyday. Four weeks niya ito ginawa up to now awa ng Diyos…NO MORE PAINS. Nag-resign nga siya sa work noon ang anak ko dahil sabi stress-related ang kanyang sakit. Now she is ok.”

Sheranie Sable (Cebu City):

last june 1 2011,i was surprised ng mag OnLine ako d2 sa MPN (Misteryo Philippines Network) Site, maraming bago pati ang logo sa site…nang umuwi ako galing isla,mabigat pakiramdam ko,feeling ko ang dami kong kasama na galing dun…mey isa pang nasa kaliwa ko,makati at masakit ang kaliwang tenga ko,tinititigan ko ung logo d2,nakikita ko ung isang mabalahibong maliit na creature na unti unting humihiwlay sa akin…ung kamay parang mga paa ng isang spider…ngaun habang isinusulat ko toh,,,nwala na ung sakit at kati sa tenga ko…nakatapat rin ang mga GD crystals ko sa tenga ko sa pagtulog…Picture Pa Lang…EFFECTIVE NAH!!!…tnx…Namaste Om Shanti..GOD BLESS US ALL…

Mommy Ganda (Quezon City):

“Stage 4 na ang breast cancer niya (her friend) la na siya breast. nagkaroon siya ng liver metastitis tapos sa ngayon ay may brain tumor siya. Tignan daw muna uli ang ulo niya kung kailangang operahan. alam ko gagaling siyang tuluyan with the help of the Lord and the GD Crystal. ang ginawa ko po ay inihaplas haplas ko sa kanyang ulo for 30 minutes tapos hinugasan ko po at ibinabad sa baso na may tubig for 10 minutes at pinainom sa kanya. kinagabihan daw ay tindi na naman ng sakit kaya nagpa-confine. Next day ko na siya nakita, malakas na siya. pagdating ko sa kanya biniro biro ko pa siya – o ang lakas lakas mo na – sabi niya siyempre daw parating daw ako. meron pa po akong pupuntahan na kasamahan ko sa banco filipino. la na talaga pera ang mga may sakit ng cancer. di ko lang inabutan last week dahil punta din siya hospital.”

Dorie Malixi (Bataan):

“Gumaan po ang buhay ko. Nabigyan ko pa focus business at sarili ko. Hindi na po ako masyado na-i-stress. At saka hindi naman ako nasasaktan (emotional) hindi tulad ng dati na parang durug na durog ang puso ko. Parang buung-buo ako.”

Angelique Pioneer (Batangas City):

“galing talaga ng GD pde pala un panghilod. ginamit ko sa pamangkin ko na namumula at puro pantal ang katawan.,. simula anit hanggang talampakan… kiniskis ko ung GD sa katawan nya.. aba at gumaling :-“

Ayanna, Manila (MPN Member):

Unang mabili ko ung Large GD Crystal with small gd last december kay sir rey. binigay ko un sa tita ko para sa protection nya at napakagaling talaga ng GD kasi nawala ung arthritis ng tita ko, nakakatulog siya ng maayos sa gabi at sobrang gumaan ung pakiramdam niya dahil sa mga problemang kinaharap nya ng nakaraang mga buwan. Nito naman nakaraang bagong taon dumating ang tito ko na sobra sa payat dahil sa hindi malamang sakit mag iisang buwan na, hirap umihim, makalakad, makatulog, kahit ung mukha nya iba. kaya si tita ko ipinahiram ung maliit nyang gd crystal. binabad sa tubig at ipinainom, bongga! ang dami nyang ihi at gumanda ung porma ng mukha nya parang lumiwanag tapos nung gabi sa bahay na katulog sya at nakahilik pa.Ang galing talaga ni God na tumutulong sa gd. kaya ibinigay ko nalang sa kanya ung maliit. sa ngayon meron na akong nabili na 3 big with 4 small gd crystals na para sa kanila. iyong part two nito ikwekwento ko kung anong mangyayari dahil kareregalo ko lang kahapon ng small gd crystal sa nanay ng best friend ko na may sakit din. 🙂 God bless to all.
Source: Ang Galing Galing ng GD

Teresita Celis (11th Ave., Kalookan City):

“Ang nagawa sa akin ng Guardian Diamond, nagkaroon ako ng magandang pananaw sa buhay ko. Dati kasi bigla na lang ako nalulungkot o kaya naiinis na wala namang dahilan.”

Melanio Morales (Pampanga):

“Ako po ang Provincial Chairman ng Bantay Bayan Pampanga Chapter. Inihaplos ko lang ang Guardian Diamond sa tapat ng balikat kung may rayuma. naalis ang sakit.”

Mila Tanseco (Kalookan City):

“Well, my Guardian Diamond, serves as my guardian. It gives me lots of miracle and guidance. With regards to my son, when he became rude, I got hold of and affirmed he will change and it happened. When I have pain on or in me, I placed the Guardian Diamond on and sometimes gently rub on and the pain subsides until it was gone”

Mateo Abubo, Baguio City/Cordon, Isabela:

“Pauwi po ako ng Baguio City masakit ang mga mata ko kasi sa puyat ako sa biyahe, sinubukan kong itapat ang GD crystal unti-unting nawawala ang sakit. Thanks po.”

Lina Lambino (Novaliches, Quezon City):

“Before I use it I always offer a prayer. Every time I do it and put it on my hands, I feel something good which I can’t explain. It really guards me from any negative thoughts than before.”

Zeny Pagal (Rizal Ave., Ext, Manila):

“I observed and experienced the Guardian Diamond’s amazing healing abiity, because I always feel pain in my neck and whenever I rub the Guardian Diamond on my neck in just few seconds the pain is gone.”

Divina Ricohermoso (Divisoria):

“Hindi na po sumasakit ang sikmura ko at hindi na dumidighay.”

Emily Daulong (Kalookan City):

“Alam niyo po may problema po ako sa ugali ng anak na napakakulit sa school. Magaang ang pakiramdam ko at mahinahon at magaan pag nakakaharap ko ang anak ko at nagdasal ako ng taimtim na hawak ko ang Guardian Diamond at ang ulo ng anak ko habang natutulog, pansin ko po may pagbabago. Alam niyo po may mata kong Guardian Diamond ko, kinunan ko po ng picture. Katabi ko to matulog.”

Jon Dela Cruz (Balagtas, Bulacan):

” Very effective po para sa akin ang Guardian Diamond ko on my daily life. Pag nag-wish ako sa Guardian ko natutupad po naman lahat kaya lang ayaw ko gamitin ng sobra tama lang pag daily use.”

Mr. and Mrs Robert Ruiz:

“Mula ng magkaroon kami ng Guardian Diamond ay di na sumakit ang ulo ko na halos araw-araw kong nararanasan at iniinuman ko ng gamot. Ganundin naman nang sumasakit, namula at nangati ang mga mata ko ipinatong ko ang Guardian Diamond sa mga mata ko kinabukasan, normal na uli ang mga mata ko.”

Jojo Abojadie (Pasay City):

“I’ve been suffering from back pains for so many years. But when I use a Guardian Diamond, I’ve experienced it’s Healing Power. Thanks, I have no back pains now. More power to you Ka Rey and to DZRH.”

Au Generoso (Infanta, Quezon):

“Mula nun ginamit ko yung Guardian maliit nga lang siya pero malaki na naitulong sa mga naging pasyente ko.”

Jacinto Arzaga (San Pablo Laguna and Novaliches):

“Malaki pagbabago sa office namin mula ng ilagay ko Guardian Diamond sa office table ko. Wala pa nagsagutan mula noon yun niregaluhan ko ang bagong kasal effective daw yun. Naramdaman nila na masakit na muscle inihaplos daw ay guminhawa. Kung magkaroon ako ng budget ay gusto ko uli bili regalo ko sa mga kaibigan ko.”

Nick and Arlene Echon (Villamor Airbase, Pasay City):

“Mula ng dumating ang Guardian Diamond sa aming buhay, OK na ang aming maliit ng tindahan. At ng mag-pray kami with the Guardian Diamond para sa Visa ng aming anak na matagal na niyang hinihintay, after one week dumating na.”

Mench Quitangon (San Pedro, Laguna):

“Hi Sir Sibayan, share ko lang yung na experience ng anak ko nung hinawakan nya yung guardian. Yung mga fingers nya kasi sa right hand nya parang me arthritis din katulad nung ke Ma’am Lulu Rivera, na lumalagatok pag ginagalaw nya at masakit daw. Nung hinawakan lang nya yung guardian after a few minutes, na gagalaw na daw nya mga fingers nya ng walang sakit at hindi na din lumalagutok. Hindi nga naniniwala yun nung una sa guardian pero nung sinubukan nyang hawakan, e ayun nawala daw ang sakit hanggang ngayon nagagalaw na nya ng maayos ang mga daliri nya. Magaling din magpa alis ng mga migrane ang guardian. Kasi nasubukan ko na ito, nilagay ko lang sya sa me ulo ko at pagkatapos ng ilang minuto nawawala ang migrane ko. Imbis na iinom ako ng pain reliever, yung guardian na lang ang
ginagamit ko”

John Madrigal (New York, U.S.A.):

“I am in the U.S. right now and will be back in the Philippines soon. Through the power of Guardian and faith in God, I did not expect that my plan to go to U.S. would materialize. It started as an informal plan without so much expectations. But a month later when I got the Guardian, things started to happen gradually. As my lucky charm, it also helped me to become more focus and clears my mind from any negativity. May God bless us all!”

Cristina Aquino (Farmers, Cubao):

“Thanks po sa guidance ng Guardian Diamonds, something change po lahat + outcome ang mga event sa life ko. Even its hard times madali agad magawan ng paraan.”

Virgie de la Paz (Taytay, Rizal):

“Naipit ng pinto ng kotse ang kamay ko, dumugo at namaga ito. Agad na hinagod ko ng Guardian Diamond. Sinipsip nito ang dugo. Ngayon wala ang maga at tuyo na ang sugat. Naging Guardian Angel ko ang Guardian Diamond nang madulas ako sa Union Bank. Nasa bulsa ko ito, slow motion and pagbagsak ko kaya di ako nasaktan. GOD is good to me.”

Ana Llagas (San Mateo, Rizal):

“I used the Guardian Diamond while praying hirap na talaga ako nun. The next day nawala yung pain, unti-unti nakakakain na ako. Nagpapalakas nalang ako, still observing my health. Intense prayer with the Guardian Diamond pala makatutulong sa akin. I thank GOD for the healing and the Guardian Diamond too.”

Florito Bermudez:

“Ka Rey Maganda laban sa mga bad spirit mahimbing nang matulog ang mga apo ko. Sa healing ay sinusubukan ko sa mga mata ko ipinapatong. Nakokontra ba ng Guardian Diamond ang taong marunong ng black magic?”

Lisa Miranda (Manila, Rizal):

“I really want to say thank you for helping me and my children to be together again for losing them 1 year..since i got the Guardian Diamond my mom doesnt want to give back my children with me when i pray for a week and try to hold on and wish that my mom will give my children without hurting eachother my wish got granted..i really want to share this what happened when am having a hard time to ask a support with the father of my children.. my daughter did she was holding the medium size of guardian diamond coz i bought 2 small and 1 medium with you Sir rey..i didnt expected that my Daughter say a prayer 7 times hail mary while holding on the Guardian Diamond when she finish praying she wish that her father will give us financially support then i ask my Daughter to check the bank if there is money then she told me that there is.. and she told me what she did last night this what happened everything is i really want to say The Guardian Diamond is real it will help you a lot and patch things up whatever problems u may have .. i really want to say thank you that i have met you and i got even closer with my children too.. ONE THING I CAN SAY WITH THE GUARDIAN DIAMOND… NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU BELIEVE AND TRUST IN GOD….EVERYTHING WILL BE OK… SIR REY MORE POWER AND GOD BLESS…”

Elias Pascasio (Exorcist, Spiritual Healer):

“Salamat bro rey sibayan sa guardian diamond cristal dahil malaking tulong po ito sa paranormal na gawain tulad ng healing at cleansing ng negative energy at talagang maging ang mga friend ko ay natutuwa sa bisa ng guardian sa mga susunod ay maglalagay po ako ng mga video at photo ng mga tao na gumamit ng guardian diamond na naprogram ni rey sibayan radio announcer ng dzrh opo siya po mismo ang nag-program sa tulong ng Lumikha kung nais nyo ay naka add po siya sa contact ko Mistero yung pong mahilìg sa mga kababalahan makinig po kayo every sat sa dzrh 5:30pm 666 klz AM radio at kay jaime licauco every sun sa dzmm 7:30pm 8:30pm inner mind on radio 6:30khz mas marami po kyong matutuhan sa pang spiritual at paranormal salamat po sa poong may kapal.” Elias explains how the energy of the GD crystals function:
[tubepress video=’FIUS7mGgWgE’]

John dela Cruz (Balagtas, Bulacan):

“Nagpapasalamat po ako sa Guardian Diamond ko ng dahil sa kanya hindi na ako natuloy sa Dubai kahit may visa na ako papunta dun dahil illegal recruitment yung agency ko na napuntahan ko. Nag-wish ako sa GD kung papayag siya na makapunta ako ng Dubai o hindi. Naghintay po ako ng one month para makaalis ngunit napanood ko yung nangyari sa mga kasama ko sa agency nasa Dubai. Salamat po sa Guardian Diamond and Most of ALL sa GOD.”

Roselle Manalo Sibayan (Cavite):

“Gusto ko lang mag-share kasi nakakuha kami ng Guardian Diamond sa inyo. Mother ko 4 years nang na-stroke at hindi siya makatayo, ngayon nakatatayo na na siyang mag-isa. Hindi nga po ako makapaniwala kasi hindi na kami umasa na makatatayo pa siya. Ginawa ko po gabi-gabi po namin iminamasahe sa kanyang katawan ang GD madalas po kasi siya inaatake diabetic po siya. Effective po talaga magaling po ang Guardian Diamond. Thanks po.”

Rosalinda B. Ay-ad (San Bartolome HS, Novaliches, QC):

“Last April 6, 2009 my sister Milagros B. Calagos told me to accompany her. She surprised me. We went to DZRH and get the Guardian Diamond. While we were there, I was holding the Jumbo GD. When we went home, I felt like so relieve and better. My stiffness of the neck, and back pains were gone. Even my daughter Sarah Grace’s stomach ache was healed.”

Milagros B. Calagos (San Jose HS, Mauban St., QC):

“Nag-wish po ako na ma-promote po ang aking anak na nasa Abu Dhabi at isang araw nga po ay tumawag po siya sa akin at sinabing sa August ay tataas na po ang position niya sa hospital, from lady guard to data encoder sa admission section ng ospital. Nag-wish din po ang anak ng co-teacher ko na magde-demo sa teaching, naging successful din po kaya talagang naniniwala po ako sa Guardian Diamond.”

Pinay Worker Assigned in Mexico (infected with AH1N1 Flu Virus):

“Naka-survive ako sa AH1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu). Ok pala yung Guardian Diamond. Ibinabad ko sa isang glass na may water ang GD for 30 minutes, tapos ininom ko yung tubig. Then the doctor came in and checked me, and he told me naka-survive ako.” Click here for more details: Misteryo Guardian Diamond Heals Swine Flu Virus

Adoracion Maranan (Batangas):

“Malaki pong tulong ang nagagawa ng Guardian Diamond sa aming maliit na piggery nang maglagay ako bawat sulok maintenance lang ang mga gamot namin ngayon. Ang napuna ko po agad hindi masyado maraming kailangang gamot hindi tulad noong wala pang Guardian Diamond napakalaki ng kailangang gamot dahil marami ang nagkakasakit. At minsan po sumakit ang ulo ko itinapat ko ang Guardian Diamond sa noo ko, sa loob ng 15 minuto, nawala po ang sakit nakapaglaba pa ako.”

Zosimo Baccay (Tuguegarao City):

“Good morning sir Rey, avid listener po ako sa DZRH (666Khz., Manila, Philippines) lalu na sa Agritech (Farm Program), dumating po ako dyan 4am, March 9, galing Tuguegarao City. Nakatulong ng malaki po sa amin ang Guardian Diamond. Pamangkin ko three days nasa hospital, Stage 3 Dengue. Inilagay ko sa noo (forehead) and Guardian Diamond, pagkatapos sa dibdib (chest), guminhawa (relieved) po siya after 1 hour. Sabi ni Dra. Reyes ng Cagayan Valley Medical Center , pag inilabas niyo yan dito sa hospital, hindi niyo kami sisihin, mamamatay na yan paglabas at may pirmahan kayo para wala kami sagutin. Sa Awa po ng Diyos sir Rey, buhay na buhay ang pamangkin ko. Kasi nung nasa hospital pa ang bata ay nawalan na ng pag-asa ang mga magulang ng bata. Yung bukol ko sa leeg ay lumalambot na palagi ko hinihilot ng Guardian Diamond. Maraming salamat po. More power to you and GOD bless.” Read the story here: Misteryo Guardian Diamond Crystal Heals Child from Dengue

Cely Ceniza (Zamboanga del Sur):

“Maraming salamat po sa Guardian Diamond. Ginagamit ko po sa mga sakit ng katawan. Parang hinihigop po ang aking karamdaman kapag itinatapat ko ito at gumagaang ang aking nararamdaman pagkatapos.”

Cambronero (Antipolo City):

“Pagkatapos kong uminom ng tubig na binabaran ng Guardian Diamond crystal, malaking kabawasan sa sumasakit kong katawan.”

A. Arzadon (Ilocos Norte):

“I have with me the smallest size of Guardian Diamond crystal. Would you believe that we have 20 business stalls, we had only 8 renters. Since I got the GD crystal last May, renters went up to 16. I thank GOD and the Guardian Diamond crystal. I’ll buy the bigger size soon.”

Rosie Llorente (Kabacan, Cotabato):

“Thanks sa GD crystal niyo lumakas ang benta ng store ko. Ang ginagawa ko bago ako mag-open ay nagwi-wish ako sa kanya, at saka marami po ang nabago sa buhay ko mula noong nasa akin ang GD crystal.”

Mr and Mrs. Salvatierra (Santiago City, Isabela):

“Gusto po namin na ipaalam na effective po ang GD crystal. Maganda po ito sa katawan, sa negosyo at iba pa. Dati po kasi medyo matumal ang negosyo namin pero nung meron na kami GD Crystal gumanda ang takbo ng negosyo namin. Factory po ng misua ang negosyo namin. Sa katawan naman, dati lagi sumasakit dibdib ko pero nung itinatapat ko ang GD crystal sa dibdib ko unti-unting nawawala hanggang ngayon hindi na sumasakit. Pati infection sa dugo ng mga apo ko nawala naging normal kasi ibinabad ko ang GD crystal sa tubig ng 30 minutes, pinainom ko sa mga apo ko, awa ng Diyos gumaling po sila. Observed ko 1 month, maganda talaga. Satisfied po kami, Kaya sana marami pa ang magkaroon ng GD Crystal kasi talagang effective ito. Salamat. GOD bless and more power.”

Ria Jones  (Personal Review of GDC)

“For past months been using GDC, para sakin “ok lang naman” GDC ko. when it comes to energizing physical body, and for quicker healing.. However no experience on what other benefits of the GDC claims, or other users experiences, like “instant” healing, for wealth, etc.. that needs solid testing.  IMHO, if you want energy/vitality and general health go for GDC, but don’t expect a miracle, like “instant” healing but it “elicit” healing effect no doubt. . I still have my skin allergy, though. so it don’t help much re allergy. Re meditation, hmmm..I “think” it helps but to some extent only because it is so obvious it can boost your physical energy– and (even without GDC) good amount of energy is must of course for better meditation..though taking you to other dimensions, or higher meditation.. is NO, as for my experience. it “seems” GDC is like orgonite in effect, when it comes to energy enhancement. And this info is IMPORTANT, don’t try to let salt be put on your GDC or else it will loose all its power! that is a major bummer!. 2nd is through my experience the GDC needs to be let under running water almost everyday or every time you use it, because it isn’t self clearing, its power weakens and seems like its energy is being inharmonious. I also use visualization to clear and energize it while under running water (this makes a difference, makes GDC in top shape). if I found out this earlier, I would be very hesitant to buy it. yes seriously honest. How I wish GDC is truly self clearing and that would is a big plus. I hope Rey, find ways for this to happen. But in regards, I still do think GDC is better than “ordinary orgonite”. I said “ordinary” because there are rare talented individuals out there that knows how to make/build energy tools and surpassed orgonite way beyond..As I know a tool that I can categorize as a “truly magical device”! fantastic indeed! In all honesty and without the hype! but I guess that is another form of energy, a high vibrational energy, and magical for me. You see almost a decade I bought many tools, metaphysical tools in the past. with all my collections I can compare their energies and effectiveness. I spent a fortune if you ask me. all of them, they do work to some extent however full of claims and I hate to say this but, GDC included. Folks please do keep in mind and remember this my personal opinion only. The keynote in buying energy/metaphysical devices is, expect little and don’t expect based on their claims or you “might” get disappointments, like I did, many, many times! Be happy if your health got better overtime, as health is wealth as they say 😉 But I will leave all of this for you all to discern. Do I value GDC as one of my helpful tools? YES. Will I purchase another GDC if stolen/lost? NO. (because I have some tools definitely more powerful) and MAYBE, if the programming/and enegry of GDC got better. Will I recommend GDC to others? MAYBE, it all depends. Am I impressed with Rey Sibayan programming of GDC. YES (on some extent) It is the programming that interest me to buy it. I just wanted to test it. I paid 4000 pesos; is it worth the money I paid for? NO–in all honesty and in my own experience, (based on my own personal expectation). Anyway I purchased lots of tools that did not meet my expectations too (based on manufacturers’ claims), that’re way, way more expensive than GDC. In fact, one time I paid 25,000 for a single purchase! If I rate GDC from 1 to 10 stars. I will give it 7 stars. as it is the 3rd most powerful in my collection. My number one, is a Psychotronic device, its expensive (because of the materials??), but pretty diverse. NOTE: THIS REVIEW MAY WELL BE REVISED IF I GOT MORE GOOD EXPERIENCES WITH GDC.”

Emerita Gibe (Los Banos, Laguna):

“Nawawala po yung mga sakit ng katawan ko. Ibinabad ko sa tubig at iniinom po namin. Papabili po ulit ako at ibibigay ko sa aking kapatid na may tindahan sa Pangasinan.”

Mrs. Susan Morales:

“May bukol po ako sa may malapit sa singit gawing kaliwa, napansin ko na lang na nawala kasi po everytime po akong pumapasok eh inilalagay ko po sa kaliwang bulsa ng uniform, at yun napansin ko na lang na wala na. Thanks po sa GD crystal.”

Mareth Gibe (Balungao, Pangasinan):

“Sabi niyo po ay ihilot sa parte ng katawan na masasakit. Inihilot ko po agad sa wakas naitataas ko na po ang aking kamay at wala na pong sakit.”

Mateo Abubo (Baguio City/Cordon, Isabela):

“Pauwi po ako ng Baguio City, masakit po ang mga mata ko kasi puyat po ako sa biyahe mula Maynila, sinubukan kong itapat ang GD crystal
unti-unting nawawala ang sakit. Thanks po.”

Mrs. Lerma M. Perez (Santor, Tanauan City, Batangas):

“Lalung naging harmonious ang relationship namin, lumuwag ang pamumuhay, na-promote sa job kaya medyo lumaki salary. Yung ipinaparent naming van ay marami na palagi umaarkila. Nung wala pa ang GD crystal ay bihirang ma-rent at ang ginawa ko ay inilagay ko ang isang crystal sa van, kaya now ay palagi may nagre-rent. Minsan naman ay sumama ang pakiramdam ng mister ko, nagdilim ang paningin, ibinabad ko ang GD crystal sa tubig at ipinainom ko sa kanya at siya ay gumaling. Kapag may masakit sa katawan ko ay hinahagod ko ng GD crystal at nawawala ang sakit.”

Prima Frias (Las Pinas):

“Very EFFECTIVE INDEED yung GD Crystal unfortunately di ko na siya magamit kasi laging hinihiram ng aking mga kapitbahay. Marami ng gumaling ng toothache, ubo ng anak ko lumambot at gumaan pakiramdam ng mga kapitbahay namin na may rayuma.”

Nida Estudillo (Santiago City, Isabela):

“Ibinabad ko sa tubig yung GD Crystal at ipinainom ko sa aking anak na may cyst sa ovary. For operation na sana siya sa cyst nya, pagkatapos uminom, biglang nawala ang cyst, at hindi na natuloy ang operasyon sa kanya.”

Leo Cruz (Quezon City)

“First time lang ko na experience ito with the crystal beside me..hindi ko na experience ito before… malakas ang energy ng crystal… may na notice din ako sa maga halaman ko ng mailabas ko sa garden.. cant say it kasi gusto kong ma observe pa uli.. pero iba at nagulat ako pag uwi ko.”

Lita Asuncion (Alcala, Cagayan Valley):

“Sinubok po ng kumare ko ang GD Crystal, namamaga ang mukha niya, ipinahid lang ang crystal, kinabukasan ay umimpis ang maga. Tatlong araw ang lumipas ay totally wala na ang maga.”


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