Legendary Broadcaster Joe Taruc has Signed Off! 

Boss JTLife on Earth is not permanent. Even if we like important people in our lives to stay with us, there is always “the end of the road” of every lifetime.

Veteran and Legendary Broadcaster Jose Malgapo Taruc Jr. also known as ‘Boss Joe’ or ‘Manoong Joe Taruc’ has signed off,  ending his earthly journey of decades on radio broadcast and have joined fellow veterans in heavens like Louie Beltran, Rick Radam, Gil Brazil, Tiya Dely Magpayo, Eloisa Cruz Canlas aka Lola Sela and Tita Swarding

Mr. Taruc born on September 18, 1947 died in his sleep early Saturday morning (September 30, 2017),  exactly at 70 years old.

Boss Joe, whom I used to call him as my superior/mentor was a multi-awarded news and commentary anchor since the early years of his radio broadcast as one of the pioneers of Radyo Patrol reporters in 1969, until I got the chance to work with him when I was. hired  as news reporter and anchor of Manila Broadcasting Company in 1991.

He’s not only a good boss to everyone in DZRH News Department but a friend and a father because he usually listens to personal problems mostly monetary in nature.

During his wake at Arlington Chapels, his former colleagues especially Ex-Vice President Noli de Castro and veteran broadcaster Rey Langit have shared their good memories with boss JT.

Boss JT, Maraming Salamat!


Back to Blogging: My First Practical Shooting Event in 2017


Rey T. Sibayan here reporting and back to posting my blogs. First., my sincerest apologies to everyone for not posting anything on almost 3 years since my last post in April 2014. Second, I’m back! Here we go and ready to share some insights, photos and videos on my day-to-day living. Of course, I will just post those interesting stuff.

Right now, I am sharing my participation in the Jack Enrile Cup 2017 last January 29, 2017. This was my first practical shooting event for 2017. When I say participation, that means no intention of competing with the pros in practical shooting but to just feel the excitement of running the courses of fire designed for team recognition for the upcoming World Shoot XVIII in France.

As expected, I made my ‘run’ on extreme courses of fire – 8 out of 15 stages Level 3 PPSA sanctioned match in Tierra Del Fuego Firing Range , Splendido Taal Residential Golf & Country Club, Laurel, Batangas.


Next Practical Shooting event will be on February 24, 2017 in the PAF-Media Fun Shoot with fellow media shooters mostly based in the Metro Manila. Are you Ready? Standby!

Thank you for the continuous support Philippine Practical Shooting Association (PPSA) especially to Mr. Jack Enrile, Mr. Rommel Cabungcal, Range Officers under the umbrella of National Range Officers Institute and to my fellow PPSA Media Bureau officers/members Raoul Esperas, Raymund Dadpaas, Angelo Almonte, Toots Parina and PPSA coordinator Jingky Olisco, Joseph Li of Icarus Shirts.