Beware of Social Engineering Attacks

We admit the real fact today, most of us people depend our lives on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr among others.

As we hook ourselves on social media sites, most of us unconsciously or deliberately forget to protect our privacy and we post all details of our personal information and daily routine of our lives.

Mostly people are using social media as their diary, posting their every minute day-to-day life from waking up in the morning until bedtime in the evening.

Social media is very useful to get information for personal gains, sharing and getting news updates but very risky when it comes to giving out your personal information especially when engaging with on-line sellers and always make sure you only deal with legits and not scammers.

We cannot really stop scammers use the social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, and others but I think the best way is we have to control (stop) ourselves sharing our personal information such as location, bank/credit card accounts, passwords, etc.

Not to mention those deliberate attacks to sneak in to your private life and steal your personal media files and ruin your lives by spreading some ‘scandalous videos and photos’.

I think the best way to prevent social media attacks is to know what these attacks are:

Phishing – this is the most common social media attacks using emails, social media at instant messaging and SMS to trick victims to provide sensitive information or visiting malicious URL.

Watering Hole – this type of attack consists of injecting malicious codes into the public web pages of a site that the targets used to visit. The method of injection is commonly used by cyber criminals and hackers. Once a victim visits the page on the compromised website a backdoor trojan is installed on his computer. This method is used for cybere espionage operation or state-sponsored attacks.

Whaling Attack – this is an evolution method of phishing attacks using sophisticated social engineering techniques to steal confidential information, personal data, access credentials. 

Pretexting – the term itself indicates the practice of presenting oneself as someone else to obtain private information by creating fake identity and use it to manipulate the receipt of information.

More information on social engineering attacks: 


A ‘Deja Vu’ Sight of Manila Bay (After 44 Years)

After 44 years of not seeing people swimming in Manila Bay, it seems like ‘deja vu’ to me last February 5, 2019 when local residents were seen strolling, taking selfie shots and enjoying the sun set with their families along the shoreline.

If I remember right, I was 7 years old when my parents took me and my younger sister to a shallow dip and walked along Manila Bay. That was a tradition of most Filipino families before during 70’s and early 80s especially during Black Saturdays and Easter Sundays.

Now in 2019, with the efforts of Duterte administration to once and for all rehabilitate the Manila Bay, some improvements were seen since the declaration of war against bay polluters and for the first time in the past 4 decades, I;ve seen again kids and adults swimming, floating and playing on Manila bay waters (even if still not safe).

Eventually, authorities strictly prohibited swimming and totally closed some portions of Manila Bay to give way to full rehabilitation. I hope people will follow and establishments along Roxas boulevard MUST comply first with the required water treatment facility and other safety requirements before allowing them to operate especially those located in reclaimed areas of Manila and Pasay cities.

WATCH!!! Video footages by DZRH Reporter 29 Misael Boy Gonzales



PPSA Media Shooters in First Practical Shooting of 2018

Rare chance to be with fellow media shooters in Practical Shooting event.

We made it last January 14, 2018 at Camp Karingal Shooting Range in QCPD Headquarters.

Present during the Practical Shooting event were Gerry Baja, Angelo Almonte, Dindo Amparo, Dan Mariano, Carlo Castillo, Eric Dastas, Carlo Mateo, Raoul Esperas and God Father Marlo Albano.

During the event, we’ve officially forged to join the Icarus IV Qualifier Match on March 14-18, at Magnus Frontsight Shooting Ranges, Lipa City, Batangas.

Thank you for the tireless unconditional support Philippine Practical Shooting Association (PPSA) and Icarus Shirts.

Watch the PPSA Media Shooters in Action:

Legendary Broadcaster Joe Taruc has Signed Off! 

Boss JTLife on Earth is not permanent. Even if we like important people in our lives to stay with us, there is always “the end of the road” of every lifetime.

Veteran and Legendary Broadcaster Jose Malgapo Taruc Jr. also known as ‘Boss Joe’ or ‘Manoong Joe Taruc’ has signed off,  ending his earthly journey of decades on radio broadcast and have joined fellow veterans in heavens like Louie Beltran, Rick Radam, Gil Brazil, Tiya Dely Magpayo, Eloisa Cruz Canlas aka Lola Sela and Tita Swarding

Mr. Taruc born on September 18, 1947 died in his sleep early Saturday morning (September 30, 2017),  exactly at 70 years old.

Boss Joe, whom I used to call him as my superior/mentor was a multi-awarded news and commentary anchor since the early years of his radio broadcast as one of the pioneers of Radyo Patrol reporters in 1969, until I got the chance to work with him when I was. hired  as news reporter and anchor of Manila Broadcasting Company in 1991.

He’s not only a good boss to everyone in DZRH News Department but a friend and a father because he usually listens to personal problems mostly monetary in nature.

During his wake at Arlington Chapels, his former colleagues especially Ex-Vice President Noli de Castro and veteran broadcaster Rey Langit have shared their good memories with boss JT.

Boss JT, Maraming Salamat!


Broadcast Evolution and Social Media

Broadcast media is consistently evolving along with the social media.

Let’s admit the fact that with the broadcast media evolution, people are more aware of the news.

The use of social media is more helpful in broadcast operations  to boost the listening and viewing engagement of the population.

That’s why we in DZRH – Philippine’s First Radio network, is continuously expanding our broadcast operations not only in the airwaves but also in the social media.

DZRH now reaches it`s 78th year in the airwaves since it was founded on July 15, 1939.

Check out our latest news and exciting surprises in DZRH programs via live streaming.



1986 EDSA People Power Revolution: Dead or Alive (after 31 years)?

This topic is (somehow) very sensitive to every Filipino, depending on who or what you stand with – ‘Dilawan? Pulahan? Asulan? Neutral? !986 EDSA People Power Revolution

I don’t want to discuss this topic, but to lay down the question to get everyone’s opinion and how you see things happened in the Philippines from 1986 to 2017.

Philippines now under President Rodrigo Duterte’s leadership has declared the 31st commemoration of EDSA People Revolution today – February 25, 2017 should be ‘simple’ and confined inside Camp Aguinaldo, not to create ‘monstrous traffic’ along Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA).

Palace spokesman Secretary Ernesto Abella said “We mark this year’s celebration of the EDSA People Power Anniversary on the 25th of February as ‘A Day of Reflection: Celebrating People Power.”

Now let’s go back to the question – is EDSA People Power Revolt still alive or dead?




‘Apo Fidel’ visits DZRH 

Former president Fidel Valdez Ramos just visited DZRH yesterday – February 21, 2017.

It was a rare chance meeting ‘Apo Fidel’ so I immediately greeted him in locano “Naimbag nga malem Apo Presidente” shook his hand and had few minutes sharing jokes and snap a photo with him and fellow RH announcer Dennis Antenor.

It flashback in my mind, when ‘Apo Fidel’ during his term as President of the Republic greeted me on my birthday LIVE on televised press conference in 1994, when I was assigned as Malacanang reporter.

Had the chance to a group photo with ‘Apo Fidel’ aka ‘apo tabako’ during his visit in DZRH studios.

Protecting the Philippine Mediamen

Philippines is ranked the second deadliest country in the world for journalists.

The Committee to Protect Journalists says in it’s website CPJ.Org,  most of the journalists killed covered politics or corruption. At least 76 journalists have been killed for their work in the Philippines since 1992, when CPJ began keeping detailed records of journalist fatalities. Continue reading

Malaysia Flight 370 Update: Plane Ended in Indian Ocean – PM Najib Razak

Sixteen days after the mysterious disappearance of Boeing 777-200 series aircraft of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 last March 8, it is officially declared that the missing plane ended in the Indian Ocean. Malaysia-Airlines-Plane-Boeing-777-200-background-HD-WallpapersMalaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced the conclusion of the investigation in a press conference at Putra World Trade Center. WATCH: Malaysian Prime Minister announces #Flight370 ended in southern Indian Ocean. PM Najib Razak’s Video Announcement

Continue reading