Misteryo (Metaphysics)

Greetings! I wish you all good health, good fortune and good energies in your lifetime.

I am Reverend Reynaldo T. Sibayan, B.Msc., an ordained Metaphysical Practitioner by University of Sedona’s International Metaphysical Ministry.

I’ve been in Metaphysics since 1998 and very active in research and studies of the Paranormal and the world beyond the physical. Whether we believe it or not, other dimensions really EXIST and so as the non-physical beings like divine, angels, extraterrestrials, elementals, nature spirits, astral bodies and souls or spirits of humans.

I also found that psychic abilities are REAL. Everyone is psychic but it varies from one person to another. There are people that are obviously psychics (clairvoyant, clairaudient, telepathic) since their younger years while others have developed their abilities during their adulthood. Perhaps, others’ psychic abilities might have been activated upon near-death experiences and inner mind training.

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