Miami Alien Sightings, Fake or Real?

The world was shocked when ‘aliens’ allegedly appeared inside Miami Mall in Florida on January 2, 2024. Videos captured during the incident went viral in the internet. No casualties nor injuries during the commotion when they heard an alleged gun shot or fireworks. All cops of Miami went to the area to respond an alleged ‘mass shooting’ later on reported as some juveniles were seen fighting.

But that’s not what we thought really happened in Miami Mall, the commotion was triggered by an alleged sudden appearance of some ‘shadowy aliens’ up to 10 feet tall.

Based on the witnesses accounts, they saw a portal opened in Miami mall and alleged alien beings came out of it and suddenly walked and flew around the place.

As expected cops denied everything about the alleged alien invasion or sightings (whatever you call it) in Miami mall. Miami police also said no gun shots took place and only some juveniles caught fighting with sticks.

Now how do you believe Miami cops are telling the whole truth about this? Why sent almost the whole fleet of police force just to respond to some juveniles fighting? Let’s try to dig deeper into this while new footages and testimonies are coming out in the open to reveal the truth on the incident.

I have posted by personal view on this in my YouTube Channel and will post more as long as there are new evidence to show that what took place in Miami Mall is a ‘real alien invasion or sightings.’