Sports Lifestyle

Life without sports is boring!
So I encourage you guys to engage on sports of your own interest. It spice up our lives. I’ve been into practical shooting sports for many years since 1998 and still active up to this date. I admit practical shooting is a costly sports so I prefer not to fully join as a pro. I am also into running sports and earned some medals from marathon events. In 2019,  I engage in cycling but not really into competition. I like cycling as means of transportation and workout as well. I also remember my college years, when I trained karate for self defense and earned my brown belt. Based on my humble experiences in sports, all I can say, don’t restrain yourself to join sports activities. It boosts your self-esteem and motivate yourself to be active and don’t stop moving. In the first place, our body is designed to MOVE. It’s not too late to be in sports….DO IT!

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