Cycling Is a Must during Pandemic

Why? Why cycling is a MUST during Pandemic? What do you think the reasons?

Let me mention some of the reason based on my personal experience as one of the #frontliners as a media practitioner.

I think “cycling is a must to keep ourselves safe from infection, to stay fit and have a strong body immune system to fight the covid-19 virus, to share our part to save the environment by not burning oil or gasoline, reducing the harm to the planet’s ecosystem, and cycling is a MUST to reduce our daily expenses – fare, gas, etc.”

These are some reasons why we can see the switch of mindset of commuting citizens and they decided to commute by bike to their work places, market, banks, and other essential needs to be done outside of houses.

Of course, most if not the least of the bike commuters are hospital or health workers, though I saw a number of bikers that are actually construction workers, guards, utility guys and others.

Cycling to work is not as safe as we can imagine, because of road hazards that causes road accidents.

You can watch some of my posted videos in my youtube channel: RS Productions.