Ghost Appears in a Virtual Meeting

During quarantine lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, most people communicate thru virtual meetings, especially those in the corporate sector, government sector, private companies and even families.

There’s a story shared by a private company worker who told #Misteryo team his experience when a ghost suddenly appeared during their virtual meeting.

Jason of Makati admitted that was the first time he saw a ghost came from the screen of his laptop and he suspected it was from the house of one of his bosses during the virtual meeting.

If this is possible, I certainly say YES because screens of televisions, computers, laptops and even mirrors can be used as gateway or portal of entities from other dimensions.

I presume that maybe the ghost was watching the virtual meeting and he noticed that Jason has the clairvoyant ability and maybe the ghost was attracted with Jason’s psychic aura.

The whole story of Jason was written in Filipino language in a local news tabloid under my Misteryo column.

Multo biglang sulpot sa virtual meeting