Ghost Month…Are You Scared of Ghosts?

It’s Ghost Month, so we expect ‘hungry ghosts’ roaming among the living to feed.

People are wondering how to feed the hungry ghosts? Do we have to offer food for them? Oh yes, food can be offered to them (atang in local filipino dialect) but I suggest you need to be specific whom to offer the food.

Hungry ghosts are those lost souls including victims of tragedies like murder, rape, accidents, also those forgotten or ignored by their families. Let’s not be scared with roaming ghosts but let’s help them ascend to higher planes of existence by offering them prayers.

We can offer food to random souls (ghosts) that might visit your place during today’s Ghost Festival.

Wikipedia says Ghost Festival also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, Zhongyuan Joe, Gui Jie or Yulan Festival is a traditional Buddhist and Taoist festival held in certain Asian countries. Based on the Chinese calendar, the Ghost Festival is on the 15th night of the seventh month. This is the peak of the Ghost Month and it is believed the gates of Hell are open to let all ghosts to receive food and drinks.

There are Do’s and Don’t’s during Ghost Month: wear light colors like red to keep us lively and protect us from negative vibrations; avoid swimming, major surgery, signing contracts, home constructions, hiring new people, buying condos and also avoid whistling.

Beware of any conflict with anyone especially with your family members and bad emotions are very high during Ghost Festival so don’t let it explode.

Fengshui experts suggest to keep calm and stay cool during Ghost Month and we can offer happy food like roast pork, rice, chicken, beer, cigarettes, and candies or burn paper money (not real money) that make hungry ghosts happy and in return they will give you wealth.

I also suggest to keep your mood up high, smile, listen to happy music, pray and chant for good life. Happy Ghost Festival everyone! Namaste.

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Close Encounters with UFOs

So, UFOs are not just some story telling topics but they are ‘REAL’ and some people can still see them just above the roof tops and electric posts in Metro Manila.

I wrote two stories of ‘real ufo encounters’ in Caloocan published in the daily Misteryo column of Abante and Abante Tonite tabloids.

Kenneth’s story: He was standing on the sidewalk of McArthur Highway when he noticed a huge circular silhouette hovering just above electric posts and suddenly it disappeared towards east. He described the UFO similar to motherships appeared in Independence Day movie.

He felt dizzy and almost collapsed when he heard the high pitch sound during the encounter. 

Aling Mameng’s story: She was washing clothes around 10 pm when she noticed a humming sound just above the apartment’s roof and suddenly saw a small circular object hovering. 

She described the flying object with multi-color lights around it and she believes it was not a drone considering the time when it appeared. 

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Nasindak sa UFO


True Encounter with Giants

In my Misteryo Column appeared in Abante July 22, 2019 issue, I shared the story of a person who saw a couple of giants in Pasay City. This proves the existence of the giants.

Based on Joemarie’s true accounts, he saw giants appeared sitting on roof tops of nearby houses, and described them wearing farm indigenous clothes.

The encounter lasted for almost a minute and suddenly disappeared.

Read my column written in Filipino.

Mga higanteng ligaw

Misteryo Exposè: Reveal The Truth of Mysteries

We have heard many stories of Paranormal activities and Metaphysical experiences. But we normally set aside those encounters and call them hoaxes and fabricated.

Now, it’s time to reveal the truth of these mysteries based on real-life Paranormal and Metaphysical accounts of people with or without psychic abilities though others are not really aware they’re utilizing their inner skills.

This is the mission of my Misteryo Articles daily published in the Philippine’s widest tabloid circulation – Abante.

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Ang Mensahe ng Ciudad Verdadero

The Boulder in Ciudad Verdadero

Ang Ciudad Verdadero na ang direktang kahulugan ay ‘Lunsod ng Katotohanan’ na nagsisilbing kanlungan ng iba’t ibang uri at hugis ng mga nilalang mula sa iba’t ibang dimensiyon o mundong kanilang pinanggalingan.

Iilan lamang sa mga nagtutungo sa Ciudad Verdadero ang tunay na nakakarating sa naturang lugar dahil ito ay depende sa antas ng kaisipan, pang-unawa, pakiramdam, kakayanan at espiritwal ng isang tao.

Kaya’t ang lagi kong ipinapayo sa mga gustong bumisita sa Ciudad Verdadero, dapat ay bukas ang kaisipan para makipag-ugnayan at makisalamuha sa iba’t ibang nilalang.

Kabilang sa mga nilalang na nakaugnayan na o di man kaya ay nakita ng mga psychic at clairvoyant sa Ciudad Verdadero ay mga diwata, elemento, anghel, higante,ekstra-terestriyal at iba pang kakaibang nilalang na hindi basta makikita ng karaniwang mata sa pisikal na dimensiyon.

Bagaman, may pagkakataon na maaari silang makita ng ating pisikal na mata. Maalala ko kitang kita ko na may lumipad na sarimanok na tumawid sa lagoon o laguna.

Nitong Hunyo 1, mapalad kami sa pagtungo sa Ciudad Verdadero nang makaugnayan namin ang itinuturing na pangkalahatang gabay ng lugar na kilala sa pangalang ‘Impo.’

Narito ang kanyang mensahe: “Matagal na kayong hindi nakadalaw. Kaya kami ay masayang masaya. Huwag kayong mag-alala kami ay laging gumagabay. Maraming mangyayari sa mundo. Manalangin kayo. Huwag kayong matatakot. Kami ay nagkakaisa para sa lahat. Maraming mga nilalang sa buong kalawakan ang narito para ihatid ang mensahe sa inyong lahat. Ang buong sanlibitan ay aming ginagabayan.”

May mensahe din akong nasagap nang makipag-ugnayan ang isang nilalang mula sa ibang planeta. Isang patunay na ang mga ET ay matagal na nating kahalubilo bagaman hindi sila nakikita ng pisikal. Yan ang ibabahagi ko sa susunod na artikulo ko.

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The Grandest Philippine Fiesta – Aliwan

You should not miss the Biggest, the Most Colorful and Most Exciting Annual Festival event in the Philippines – Aliwan Fiesta.

Since 2003, it is always the Grandest Fiesta of Philippine Festivals and it’s official website: says “it is a showcase how religion, culture, and tradition are woven into the fiber of our existence. Traditional fiestas, which are held annually to commemorate the foundation of a town or province, or honoring its patron saint, are brought together en masse to highlight the Pinoy’s indomitable and ebullient spirit, together with his mien for creativity and innovation. With most major fiestas rooted in the pre-colonial period, there is understandably a festival sector that celebrates Nature’s bounty. Our Filipino forebears worshipped pagan gods who, to them, were responsible for bountiful harvests on land and sea.”

This year, two Leyte contingents tightly competed for the grand champ title in the Street Dance category – the Buraburon Festival of Burauen failed to defend it’s 2018 champion title against Pasaka Festival of Tanauan now the 2019 Grand Aliwan Festival Champion. Manggahan Festival contingent of Guimaras placed 3rd.

In the Float Competition category, Tacloban’s ‘Through the Years’ float hailed as the Champion, while Cebu Sinulog’s IPI 60th year and Palabuni-bunyan of Parang, Maguindanao, placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Ms Sinulog Festival bet Nicole Vance Borromeo crowned as the Reyna ng Aliwan 2019.

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Are ET Beings Real? If so..Why Can’t We See Them?

People keep asking if Extra-Terrestrials or ET beings real or not?

I normally answer such question with another question. Do you really want to know if they’re real or not? Now if the answer is yes, then we can proceed and let’s explore the world of the ETs also known as aliens. 

The ETs I know are non-physical beings. They vibrate at another energy level or dimension. Definitely, they cannot be seen by most of us, only those clarivoyants (psychics or gifted people who can see spirits or nonphysical beings) or ET contacts can see or hear them.

Though there were instances that ETs can communicate using our modern day communication equipment (phones, radio receivers) and even television with antennas. But people who are known as ‘channels’ can connect with ETs telepathically or in trance state.

I can categorically state here that ETs are around us, living among us, roaming among us, so I don’t think there’s a need to send astronauts into outer space to make ET contacts. They are already here since the ancient times if we also consider those artifacts, ancient writings, mysterious places and other evidences as featured in alien encounters documentaries such as ancient aliens tv series.

The only thing we should do to make contacts with them is we learn to tune in to their frequencies thru telepathy, and channeling though others can even hear their voices. How can we achieve this? I think meditation is the first step to train (tame) our mind. Thru meditation, we can clear or ‘declutter’ our mind from useless thoughts.

Beware of Social Engineering Attacks

We admit the real fact today, most of us people depend our lives on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr among others.

As we hook ourselves on social media sites, most of us unconsciously or deliberately forget to protect our privacy and we post all details of our personal information and daily routine of our lives.

Mostly people are using social media as their diary, posting their every minute day-to-day life from waking up in the morning until bedtime in the evening.

Social media is very useful to get information for personal gains, sharing and getting news updates but very risky when it comes to giving out your personal information especially when engaging with on-line sellers and always make sure you only deal with legits and not scammers.

We cannot really stop scammers use the social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, and others but I think the best way is we have to control (stop) ourselves sharing our personal information such as location, bank/credit card accounts, passwords, etc.

Not to mention those deliberate attacks to sneak in to your private life and steal your personal media files and ruin your lives by spreading some ‘scandalous videos and photos’.

I think the best way to prevent social media attacks is to know what these attacks are:

Phishing – this is the most common social media attacks using emails, social media at instant messaging and SMS to trick victims to provide sensitive information or visiting malicious URL.

Watering Hole – this type of attack consists of injecting malicious codes into the public web pages of a site that the targets used to visit. The method of injection is commonly used by cyber criminals and hackers. Once a victim visits the page on the compromised website a backdoor trojan is installed on his computer. This method is used for cybere espionage operation or state-sponsored attacks.

Whaling Attack – this is an evolution method of phishing attacks using sophisticated social engineering techniques to steal confidential information, personal data, access credentials. 

Pretexting – the term itself indicates the practice of presenting oneself as someone else to obtain private information by creating fake identity and use it to manipulate the receipt of information.

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Rain Dance at ‘Oratio Emperata’ para Umulan, Epektibo ba?

Mga ka-Misteryo ngayong may krisis sa tubig ay iba’t iba ang naiisip na paraan. Siyempre dun muna tayo sa mas siyentipikong paraan tulad ng cloud seeding para umulan at may inaayos ding problema ang Manila Water, Maynilad at ang MWSS sa hatian ng tubig sa Angat Dam.

Maging ang Simbahang-Katolika ay nabahala na sa ganitong sitwasyon kung kaya’t mismong si Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle ay nagpadala ng liham sa mga parokya na manalangin na para malutas ang krisis sa tubig.

Tinatawag itong ‘Oratio Imperata’ ay katagang Latin ng Obligatory Prayer na inuusal tuwing misa ng mga pari sa panahon ng pangangailangan tulad ng kalamidad.

Kung epektibo nga ba ito ay depende kung sino ang naniniwala sa kapangyarihan ng panalangin, pero kung ako ang tatanungin, kapag bukal sa puso’t isipan ang pagdarasal ay garantisadong magkakaroon ng katuparan.

Narito ang Panalangin para Umulan na ibinahagi ni Cardinal

Tagle sa mga mananampalataya na kailangan pangunahan ng mga pari sa kanilang misa.

“Hilingin natin sa Panginoon na ipagkaloob ang biyaya ng ulan na siyang matinding pangangailangan lalo na sa Luzon ngayon upang ang pinsala sa mga pananim at kabuhayan at ang napipintong krisis sa tubig ay maiwasan. Manalangin po tayo.

Ngayong panahon ng krisis, himukin nawa ng Panginoon ang ating mga puso upang matutong magbahagi sa ngalan ni Hesus at mamulat sa ating pananagutan sa kapwa, at sa lahat ng biyayang ipinagkatiwala sa atin. Manalangin po tayo.”

Bukod sa panalangin ay meron ding iba na gustong subukin ang ‘rain dance’, isang katutubong sayaw para umulan. Ito ay ginagawa ng mga katutubong Igorot, Aeta at iba pa. Tulad ng Oratio Imperata kailangan lamang na bukal at walang pag-aalinlangan ang sinuman pag ito ay ginawa.

Naniniwala ang mga katutubo na sa pamamagitan ng seremonya ng Rain Dance ay agad na tutugon ang Kalikasan at magbubukas ang kalangitan para umulan.

Para sa akin ang Rain Dance ng mga katutubo at Oratio Imperata ng Simbahan bagaman magkaiba ng pamamaraan ay magkatulad lamang ang layunin para hilingin sa Poong Lumikha at Kalikasan para umulan.

Gayunman, hindi naman tayo dapat umasa lamang sa himala dahil dapat umaksiyon din ang tao. Solusyunan ang problema.

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A ‘Deja Vu’ Sight of Manila Bay (After 44 Years)

After 44 years of not seeing people swimming in Manila Bay, it seems like ‘deja vu’ to me last February 5, 2019 when local residents were seen strolling, taking selfie shots and enjoying the sun set with their families along the shoreline.

If I remember right, I was 7 years old when my parents took me and my younger sister to a shallow dip and walked along Manila Bay. That was a tradition of most Filipino families before during 70’s and early 80s especially during Black Saturdays and Easter Sundays.

Now in 2019, with the efforts of Duterte administration to once and for all rehabilitate the Manila Bay, some improvements were seen since the declaration of war against bay polluters and for the first time in the past 4 decades, I;ve seen again kids and adults swimming, floating and playing on Manila bay waters (even if still not safe).

Eventually, authorities strictly prohibited swimming and totally closed some portions of Manila Bay to give way to full rehabilitation. I hope people will follow and establishments along Roxas boulevard MUST comply first with the required water treatment facility and other safety requirements before allowing them to operate especially those located in reclaimed areas of Manila and Pasay cities.

WATCH!!! Video footages by DZRH Reporter 29 Misael Boy Gonzales