Where Do Souls Go After Dying?

Very interesting topic discussed during the Gabi Ng Misteryo Program LIVED STREAMED over DZRH Radio, Television and On-Line.

Most people believed souls directly go to Heaven after the transition from physical to spiritual realm but others believed souls roam around on this place of existence until the ‘judgement day’.

I have had a bunch of spiritual and paranormal guests who shared their knowledge, research, insight and wisdom on the subject matter and we concluded the discussion with a general notion that souls can go anywhere according to the consciousness, belief system and awareness of a person, but everyone MUST GO THROUGH A TRANSITION PROCESS.

This transition process can be very complicated because this involves the attachment to physical realm, lifetime review and karmic debts of a died person.

I’m sharing to you the FULL EPISODE of the discussion in Filipino language no time to translate the discussion in English. If you have questions and insights on this, you can comment down below this port or in the video itself. Thank you very much everyone!