Are ET Beings Real? If so..Why Can’t We See Them?

People keep asking if Extra-Terrestrials or ET beings real or not?

I normally answer such question with another question. Do you really want to know if they’re real or not? Now if the answer is yes, then we can proceed and let’s explore the world of the ETs also known as aliens. 

The ETs I know are non-physical beings. They vibrate at another energy level or dimension. Definitely, they cannot be seen by most of us, only those clarivoyants (psychics or gifted people who can see spirits or nonphysical beings) or ET contacts can see or hear them.

Though there were instances that ETs can communicate using our modern day communication equipment (phones, radio receivers) and even television with antennas. But people who are known as ‘channels’ can connect with ETs telepathically or in trance state.

I can categorically state here that ETs are around us, living among us, roaming among us, so I don’t think there’s a need to send astronauts into outer space to make ET contacts. They are already here since the ancient times if we also consider those artifacts, ancient writings, mysterious places and other evidences as featured in alien encounters documentaries such as ancient aliens tv series.

The only thing we should do to make contacts with them is we learn to tune in to their frequencies thru telepathy, and channeling though others can even hear their voices. How can we achieve this? I think meditation is the first step to train (tame) our mind. Thru meditation, we can clear or ‘declutter’ our mind from useless thoughts.

Misteryo sa Abante Tonite: Bagong Taon, Bagong Pagkatao

Isang masaganang araw mga ka-Misteryo. ‘Saktong tatlong araw na lang bagong taon na naman. Naka-ilang bagong taon na ba tayo sa ating buhay? Natural depende yan sa inyong edad at kung ano ang inyong namalayan.

Abala na naman tayo sa paghahanda, karaniwan ay todong paglilinis sa bahay, pagsasa-ayos ng mga kagamitan at paghahanda ng masasarap na pagkain para sa mas masaganang buhay sa pagpasok ng 2019.

Iba’t ibang paraan ng paghahanda tulad ng paglapit sa mga eksperto sa feng shui o geomancy, psychic readers at ang iba ay DIY na lang -mismong mga may-ari ng bahay ang gumagawa ng paraan para maaliwalas ang kabahayan sa pagpasok ng taon.

Tradisyon na sa atin ang pag-iingay sa pagsalubong sa Bagong Taon bagaman hindi naman kailangan na magpaputok tayo dahil delikado ito hindi lang sa kaligtasan ng tao lalu na sa ari-arian na sadyang mapanganib sa sunog.

Kahit anupaman ang gawin nating paghahanda kung ang ugali ng tao o mga nakatira sa mga bahay ay hindi magbabago ay balewala rin ang lahat ng pagod.

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Bagong Taon, bagong pagkatao

Panlabas na Anyo, Isang Ilusyon

Nais ko lang ibahagi sa inyo ang isang katotohanan na hindi lahat ng nakikita natin sa panlabas na anyo ng tao ay siya rin ang totoong kagandahan nito o magandang pag-uugali.

Meron ngang kasabihan na “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” at ito ay halaw sa naunang kasabihan ni Classical Greek Philosopher at Mathematician Plato, na nagsabing  “Remember how in that communion only, beholding beauty with the eye of the mind, he will be enabled to bring forth, not images of beauty, but realities (for he has hold not of an image but of a reality), and bringing forth and nourishing true virtue to become the friend of God and be immortal, if mortal man may.”  Continue reading

Disproving the Existence of the Other Side

Halloween 2013, another season of ghost huntings and paranormal investigations mainly to prove or disprove the existence of the ‘Other Side.’

Every time the mainstream media set an interview with me (as metaphysical counselor) about these stuff on paranormal activities, I always make it a point that “whatever explanations I do, I have no intention to convince people but mainly sharing my thoughts and knowledge about the reality of the meta-physical (beyond physical).”

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Is It Safe to Activate Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance, the psychic ability to see the realities beyond the physical. Normally mislabelled as ‘third eye’, clairvoyance can be activated or awakened in many forms and methods.

Some people claim they have the power to activate the clairvoyant ability of a person but I rather advice people not to deal with them unless you trust them and you are ready for any consequences.

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Spirit Contact, Seance (Spirit of the Glass, Ouija board), Real Or Not?

I ‘firmly’ discourage people about spirit contacts also known as ‘seance’ because this is not a game just for fun as some people think about it.

There are numerous cases of ‘evil’ possession that are mainly attributed to playing the ‘spirit of the glass, coin or pen’ and ouija board. In fact, even my sister during her highschool days have had very very bad experience about this. They accidentally opened a portal from ‘beyond’ and the disturbed spirit haunted them.

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Human Soul Evolution Continues Despite Chaos

Even if we are facing chaotic situations in many parts of the world including the recent bomb attacks in Mindanao, I believed that everything we are witnessing and experiencing are all part of the human soul evolution.

The human soul evolution is part of the Grand Plan of the Universe while we enter the new world of consciousness as described by the spiritual teachers in every religion.

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Are UFO’s Hiding in the Clouds?

I’ve been asking the same question again and again since I encountered UFO-shaped clouds in the Metropolis in the past.

Of course, I am aware of the different type of clouds in the skies such as  cumulosl, stratus, cirrus, lenticular and others, but there are many times I could feel something weird about strange clouds.

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How to Survive the Ghost Month?

Whether you believe in this Chinese tradition or not, the energies of Ghost Month is here. In 2013, the ghost month commences on August 7 and ends on September 4, 2013.

Ghost month is being observed during the 7th lunar month in the traditional Chinese calendar, which they believe the “gates of hell” are open during this period to allow ghost and spirits to visit the world of the living.

The spirits of the dead visit their families, feasting and hunt their victims usually those they can possess.

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Parallel Universe or Multiverse, Fiction or Fact?

Do you believe there is another Earth and another “us” in another Universe? Parallel Universe? Multiverse?

What if the theories about parallel Earth, parallel Universe, or Multi-verse are REAL? What will you do?

Most people still consider this idea as fiction or baseless, but a group of scientists from Oxford University declared that Parallel Universe is REAL based on mathematical computation.

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