True Encounter with Giants

In my Misteryo Column appeared in Abante July 22, 2019 issue, I shared the story of a person who saw a couple of giants in Pasay City. This proves the existence of the giants.

Based on Joemarie’s true accounts, he saw giants appeared sitting on roof tops of nearby houses, and described them wearing farm indigenous clothes.

The encounter lasted for almost a minute and suddenly disappeared.

Read my column written in Filipino.

Mga higanteng ligaw

#Throwback: Misteryo sa DZRH Radio Program (Twelve Years Ago)

Twelve years ago, people have heard discussions about Metaphysics over DZRH.

The Original Misteryo was broadcasted via DZRH Radio, DZRH Television and DZRH Live Video/Audio streaming at 4:30-5:30 pm, Saturdays. It was hosted by Rey T. Sibayan,,founder of the defunct Misteryo Philippines Network MPN Group. Misteryo program started it’s radio broadcast on April 22, 2006 until 2011. Most discussed metaphysical topic on Ghosts Hauntings, UFO Sightings, Alien Encounters, Spirituality, Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena events.

It is a reminder to everyone that we always experience the metaphysics in our everyday lives, maybe we cannot normally see these experiences because they exist on alternate realities where psychic senses can only detect them.

Metaphysical experiences are not just ordinary events in our lives because they have something to do with our daily lives like how we deal with our problems, how to learn the lessons of life and eventually could lead all of us to the evolution of our existence on this realm and beyond this life. Just be sensitive and aware of subtle messages thru experiences.

11th Day after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan): Dead Victims Need Prayers to Ascend

It is exactly 11th day today, November 19 after Yolanda devastated most areas in Central Visayas on November 8 2013. Two days after the Yolanda devastation, authorities only recorded at least 4 dead but as days pass by, the number of casualties went up to thousands.

As of this writing, it is estimated that the death toll could reach as high as 5, 000 though the official count of National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) the confirmed deaths at 3, 982.

Joint Task Force Cadaver says, it recovered 903 more bodies in the past two days and if added to the present figure could reach 4, 885 and more bodies are expected to be recovered in the coming days especially in the remote areas.

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Aparisyon ni Birheng Maria noong ‘Yolanda’

Isang mapagpalang araw mga ka-Misteryo at ka-METRO, Om Shanti.

Kamakailan lang bago tumama sa kalupaan ang super bagyong Yolanda (Haiyan), ay mismong si Marinduque governor Carmencita Reyes ang nagsabing naligtas sila sa pagtama ng kalamidad nang magpakita sa kanila ang imahe ni Birheng Maria.

Mangiyak-ngiyak pa ngang sinabi ng gobernadora na maging ang kanyang mga kababayan na nakakita sa imahe ng Birheng Maria sa kaulapan ay humagulgol sa pag-iyak sa kanilang nakita. Continue reading

Believe in the Power of Collective Prayer and Visualization

Philippines is bracing for a powerful storm named ‘Haiyan’. the 24th cyclone to hit the country in 2013.

Local weather specialists forecast today, November 6 2013, the eye of Typhoon with International Name“HAIYAN”was located based on all available data at 1,221 km East of Mindano (07.7°N, 137.4°E) with maximum sustained winds of 175 kph and gustiness of up to 210 kph. It is forecast to move West Northwest at 30 kph. Continue reading

Disproving the Existence of the Other Side

Halloween 2013, another season of ghost huntings and paranormal investigations mainly to prove or disprove the existence of the ‘Other Side.’

Every time the mainstream media set an interview with me (as metaphysical counselor) about these stuff on paranormal activities, I always make it a point that “whatever explanations I do, I have no intention to convince people but mainly sharing my thoughts and knowledge about the reality of the meta-physical (beyond physical).”

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The Truth Behind 108 Mantra Repetitions

Mantra such as ‘Sanskrit’ is recommended to be chanted 108 times to make it more effective.This is based on Vedic and Tantric traditions which say 108 is a very special number of repetitions more powerful than other repetitions such as 107, or 109 for instance.

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Are Soul Reapers Real?

If we search the google about ‘soul reaper’ in the net, we could only find some interesting stuff about it based on games and anime.

It’s close match could be ‘grim reaper’ which according to wikipedia is the “personification of death” and usually referred to a hooded figure dressed in black that ‘reaps’ the living once they have died. They are commonly associated with a scythe.

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The Powerful Mantras (Sanskrit, Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew, English)

The following are Powerful Mantras which we can chant regardless of what belief system we practice. Most of these mantras are Sanskrit in  origin while others are Latin, Aramaic and Hebrew. Mantras or prayers whatever language we used have the powerful energy according to the intention of the mystical prayers and what a person think, feel and wish while chanting the mantras.

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The 11:11 Meditation (A Daily Habit)

Most people now are aware of the 11:11 phenomena though many are still asking what could be the meaning of that double 11 numbers.

The interpretation of the 11:11 varies from one person to another, from one experience to the other because we have different consciousness though of course there are people who have common idea about the 11:11 manifestations.

If you ask me about it, I would interpret the 11:11 as an alarm system, a wake-up call, awakening, reminder of something to be done and to be aware of other realities, opening of the psychic gates anywhere on the planet and I think one of the meanings could be a habit of “meditation every 11:11th hour of the day” – either you do it 11:11 in the morning or 11:11 in the evening.

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