11th Day after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan): Dead Victims Need Prayers to Ascend

It is exactly 11th day today, November 19 after Yolanda devastated most areas in Central Visayas on November 8 2013. Two days after the Yolanda devastation, authorities only recorded at least 4 dead but as days pass by, the number of casualties went up to thousands.

As of this writing, it is estimated that the death toll could reach as high as 5, 000 though the official count of National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) the confirmed deaths at 3, 982.

Joint Task Force Cadaver says, it recovered 903 more bodies in the past two days and if added to the present figure could reach 4, 885 and more bodies are expected to be recovered in the coming days especially in the remote areas.

Praying WomanNow, that the number reaches to thousands, we are talking here of almost 5 thousand ‘souls’ roaming around the devastated areas and most of them after dying, didn’t even know they have died or not really aware of what had happened to them unless someone (psychic, clairvoyants) could tell them they are already ‘living’ on the other side – the spirit world.

Remember the movie ‘The Sixth Sense’ starred by Bruce Willis, who plays as Dr. Malcolm Crowe, only realized that he is already dead after working with a kid Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), who confided his secret to Malcolm about “seeing dead people, walking around like regular people, not knowing they’re dead.”

Based on research about the after life, people died of tragic accidents and calamities such as earthquakes, storms, landslides and floods, SOULS of the victims, normally think they are still alive and they keep doing their day-to-day lives in homes, work and wherever until such time they realize they are already dead.

My usual explanation about this is “the dead people are attached (trapped) to their material consciousness” because it is embedded in their memories, they do what they normally do, the very reason, they manifest through hauntings in the accident or tragedy areas.

That’s why I strongly appeal for prayer for them so that the souls of the dead could realize their true existence not as living persons but as living souls that should crossover to the ‘other side.’

Through prayers asking God’s intervention to guide the ‘lost souls’ by sending the Archangels and beaming the Heavenly light could awaken them and accept the truth that they already transcend to other form existence.

If you are relatives of those “perished” in the Yolanda (Haiyan) devastation, I suggest you mention the exact name (first, middle, last) of the dead person, so that God’s Light and angelic beings could directly contact the soul.

Many spiritualists and healers did this many times, and it is very effective especially when asking the deployment of angels to guide the souls and help them to cross over.

Any form of prayer is effective but I suggest that you pray according to your intention because by doing so, you are totally surrendering yourself to God’s will and Divine Power.

Yes, relief goods and donations are pouring in to those who survived the Yolanda devastation but thousands of souls of those who died really need our prayers as their food same as those who survive need food to live. So PLEASE OFFER A DAILY PRAYER FOR THOSE WHO PERISHED in the Yolanda devastation.

If I may also suggest, please light white candles whenever you pray. Lighted candles could serve as their lights to other side and help them ascend to Heavens (Higher Dimensions).

Others explained that lighted candles while praying could seal your intention and send the wishes or thoughts to the Higher Dimensions directly to God.

Thank you very much. Namaste.