Psychic felt Tremors Hours Before Turkiye Killer Quake

Is it possible to predict earthquakes? Scientists say No, it is not possible. But Psychic people can claim they can feel tremors before quakes could hit a location.

This was happened to a psychic called himself ‘Romano’ when he approached Misteryo Team and shared his personal experience.

According to Romano, he was with his wife malling when he suddenly felt ‘tremors’. He thought he was dizzy due to lack of sleep or tiredness so he told his wife to sit awhile and rest.

He felt the tremors at least 17 hours before the Magnitude 7.8 killer quake hits Turkiye and Syria.

Romano revealed that 5 hours before the killer quake in Turkiye-Syrian border, he felt again a stronger tremor at 3AM, Manila Time. He just ignore it and retired to bed. Upon waking up in the morning on Monday February 6, he was shocked when social media was bombarded by news feeds of Turkiye’s killer quake.

Read the Filipino article I wrote and published in Abante tabloid.
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