Hungry Ghost Month is here again! It is being observed from August 16 to September 14, 2023

It is believed that during this period, hungry ghosts roam freely to look for appeasement – food, lighted candles & incense, wines, enjoyable music etc. Other ghosts look for trouble that brings bad luck to the living.

There are DOs and DON’Ts during Ghost Month like no travels, avoid swimming especially at night, no whistling, avoid creating noises, no hanging of clothes outside, don’t wear yin colors like white, black, dark blue & gray, wearing colorful clothes are recommended. No BIG DEALS during Ghost Month like wedding, medical procedure, new business, new house, new properties, & change of career.

IMPORTANT during Ghost Month is to make the Hungry Ghosts Happy, Satisfied and at Peace. Offer them food, prayers, burn candles & incense, burn paper money, always lights on at night.

I have discussed this during my Gabi Ng Misteryo, check this out ka-adventure.