Cycling for Environment and Health

It’s not too late to ride bicycles, you can start now!

Why cycing or ride bikes? What are the benefits? First it’s pro-environment because you’re not using fuel to commute, no carbon emission which destroys nature. Second, it’s pro-health. By bike riding, you’re adding up your years of existence in this world because you get fit, your heart gets stronger and yes you lose weight by cycling.

The benefits of cycling vary from one person to another but I believe with proper diet and discipline you can achieved a better shape and maintain it for the rest of you life.

I suggest you can start with affordable bicycles then if you think you’re serious with cycling then get some upgrades or buy better ones that suit your taste and budget.

I started my cycling routine last September 2019 and I lost a couple of pounds from overweight to normal based on my BMI or Body Mass Index.

Of course, I repeat you can achieve your health and body at tip top shape with extra discipline and self control of eating and good rest.

What are you waiting for. Ride your bike now and get fit!