Are ET Beings Real? If so..Why Can’t We See Them?

People keep asking if Extra-Terrestrials or ET beings real or not?

I normally answer such question with another question. Do you really want to know if they’re real or not? Now if the answer is yes, then we can proceed and let’s explore the world of the ETs also known as aliens. 

The ETs I know are non-physical beings. They vibrate at another energy level or dimension. Definitely, they cannot be seen by most of us, only those clarivoyants (psychics or gifted people who can see spirits or nonphysical beings) or ET contacts can see or hear them.

Though there were instances that ETs can communicate using our modern day communication equipment (phones, radio receivers) and even television with antennas. But people who are known as ‘channels’ can connect with ETs telepathically or in trance state.

I can categorically state here that ETs are around us, living among us, roaming among us, so I don’t think there’s a need to send astronauts into outer space to make ET contacts. They are already here since the ancient times if we also consider those artifacts, ancient writings, mysterious places and other evidences as featured in alien encounters documentaries such as ancient aliens tv series.

The only thing we should do to make contacts with them is we learn to tune in to their frequencies thru telepathy, and channeling though others can even hear their voices. How can we achieve this? I think meditation is the first step to train (tame) our mind. Thru meditation, we can clear or ‘declutter’ our mind from useless thoughts.

The Aliens (ETs) Are Among Us

My Belief.
It is my opinion that Extra-Terrestrials are here on this planet. I am posting this article not to convince anyone about the reality of ETs but to share my ideas about their existence based on real life encounters of people.

Are ETs real?
This was the very first question I had in mind upon hearing stories about UFO sightings and ET encounters. I used to believe before that alien beings were merely products of delusions, but not at this moment when I had my personal experience about their existence. Continue reading

History of UFO Crashes with ET Bodies

The 1945 San Antonio, New Mexico UFO Crash: The Reme Baca and Jose Padilla witness Case

The 1945 San Antonio, New Mexico UFO Crash: The Reme Baca and Jose Padilla witness Case

The following is the chronology of UFO Crashes in the world.

Most of which were reported and recorded in the United States while others were from nearby Mexico and other countries, depends upon any feedback from the investigators.

Indicated in this list are the dates of reported crash, the location and how many bodies were found though there are other reports that alien beings were seen alive after the crash.

April 19, 1897 – Aurora, Texas (1 body)

1941 – Cape Girardeau, Missouri (3 bodies)

July 4,1947 – Roswell, New Mexico (4 bodies)

Feb 13,1948 – Aztec, New Mexico (12 bodies)

July 7,1948 – Mexico, so. of Laredo (1body)

1949 – Roswell, New Mexico 1 (living)

1952 – Spitzenbergen, Norway (2 bodies)

Aug 14,1952 – Ely, Nevada (16 bodies)

Sept 10,1950 – Albuquerque, New Mexico (3 bodies)

April 18,1953 – S.W. Arizona

May 20,1953 – Kingman, Arizona (1 body)

June 19,1953 – Laredo, Texas (4 bodies)

July 10,1953 – Johofnisburg S. Africa (5 bodies)

Oct 13,1953 – Dutton, Montana (4 bodies)

May 5,1955 – Brighton, England (4 bodies)

July 18,1957 – Carlsbad, New Mexico (4 bodies)

1961 – Timmensdorfer, Germany (12 bodies)

June 12,1962 – Holloman, AFB, New Mexico (2 bodies)

Dec 9, 1965 – in the area of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Nov 10,1964 – Ft. Riley, Kansas (9 bodies)

Oct 27,1966 – N.W. Arizona (1 body)

1966-1968 – 5 Crashes IN/KY/OH/ (3 bodies and craft intact)

March 1969 – Sverdlovsk, Siberia, Russia (1 body)

July 18,1972 – Morroco Sahara Desert (3 bodies)

July 10,1973 – NW Arizona (5 bodies)

Aug 25,1974 – Chihuahua, Mexico (craft intact)

May 12,1976 – Australian Desert (4 bodies)

June 22,1977 – NW Arizona (5 bodies)

April 5,1977 – SW Ohio (11 bodies)

Aug 17,1977 – Tobasco, Mexico (2 bodies)

May 1978 – Bolivia

Nov 1988 – Afghanistan (7 bodies)

May 1989 – South Africa [2 (living)]

June 1989 – South Africa [2 (living) craft intact]

July 1989 – Siberia [9 (living)]