MIBs Can Be Bodyguards?

Are Men In Black Real?

I asked this question to a person named ‘Kris’, she said “YES, they are very real.

I asked her again: Why? How? What are the evidences you can truly say they are real? She answered: I can see them anytime, anywhere and wherever I go because I believe they are my bodyguards maybe because I am in danger or maybe because they want to make sure I’m always ok.

Personally, I have not seen these beings during my Metaphysical journey especially in my astral travels. Definitely, they are not humans nor elementals not ghosts of dead people. They are somehow beings from other dimensions or most paranormal people believed MIBs came from distant future – time travellers.

Kris described her MIBs as men is black suit with necktie and fedora hat. They appear anytime anywhere in their house and even outside wherever she goes. Recently, she said saw one but not in black suit when she was eating in a restaurant in Makati.

I asked her if she tried talking to her MIBs and she answered “yes i did but no response not even a word from them.”

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