Balik-Cycling Tayo!

Nagbalik-Eskuwela ang mga bata sa mga eskuwelahan after 2-years of Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and very limited movements.

I am back! Balik-bisikleta naman tayo mga kapadyak!

After a month of almost no cycling activities due to some dangers, effects of ghost month, le’t get back on the road for cycling.

For now, I have 2 mountain bikes to utilize both Giant bikes – ATX 2018 Model and Talon 29er.

Dreaming to have a gravel bike…maybe someone can give me that bike not a road bike (maybe someday I might try using road bike but not now)

Let’s ride around Metro Manila and nearby areas. How about try a long ride? Hmmm….let me think about it first. I think long ride needs good preparation – constant training and strength building.

In the meantime, I might focus on few quick spins after work, bike-to-work and city cycling.

Friendly reminder to fellow bikers: 1. wear helmet 2. wear proper cycling gear 3. Check tire air gauge always, cleaned and good condition chains, pedals, lights, horns and most important breaks. 4. Bring your raincoat during wet season 5. Bring water bottle 6. Bring portable air pump 7. Bring cash, make sure you have enough amount in GCash.

What else we should bring in our cycling activities? You can advice me please. Thank you all! #RideSafeAlways