Malaysia Flight 370 Update: Plane Ended in Indian Ocean – PM Najib Razak

Sixteen days after the mysterious disappearance of Boeing 777-200 series aircraft of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 last March 8, it is officially declared that the missing plane ended in the Indian Ocean. Malaysia-Airlines-Plane-Boeing-777-200-background-HD-WallpapersMalaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced the conclusion of the investigation in a press conference at Putra World Trade Center. WATCH: Malaysian Prime Minister announces #Flight370 ended in southern Indian Ocean. PM Najib Razak’s Video Announcement

In a statement announced by PM Najib, “based on the new analysis, Inmarsat and the AAIB have concluded that MH 370, flew along the Southern Corridor, and that it’s last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, West of Perth. This is a remote location, far from any landing sites. It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that, according to this new date, flight MH370, ended in the Southern Indian Ocean. ”  PM NAJIB RAZAK STATEMENT March 24 2014

Flight 370 based on the investigation of the aviation experts turned back after it was lost in the radar and ended it’s flight in the Southern Indian Ocean.  image

Before the formal announcement of PM Najib, a text message informing all the families of those  on board the missing plane was broadcasted thru SMS.


Earlier Reports/development:

The latest so far on the ongoing search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370 – “French satellites have spotted ‘potential objects’ in the southern Indian Ocean, where a search is going on.’ The Malaysian government announces they received new satellite images from the French authorities.

Reports say “Malaysia immediately relayed these images to the Australian rescue co-ordination centre.” The ministry did not give any other details on the satellite images.

Earlier, China has already submitted new satellite images captured last March 18 which could be from the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.  The object the Chinese photographed is 22.5 meters long and 13 meters wide (74 feet by 43 feet), officials said.

china-satellite-image-305470The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said the spot of the sighting was within Saturday’s search area, but that the object was not found. Searchers will take the Chinese information into consideration as they design their search for Sunday, AMSA said.  Check out more on this story: The Missing Flight 370

Ferrari vs Malaysia Flight 370 Families: This might sound very disappointing to the relatives, families and supporters of the Malaysian plane passengers. The Cyberview Hotel forcibly transferred the plane familities to other host due to the upcoming Malaysian Grand Prix on March 30.  It was reported that the Ferrari brigade had bookings with the hotel, so to cut short the story,  more than a dozen Chinese family members of passengers on the flight were forced to switch hotels Friday. F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone said he felt sorry for the family members forced to move because of Ferrari’s bookings. More on this story: Families forced to switch Hotels in Malaysia

March 21, 2014: ABC News’ David Wright reported:  “While en route to the area, the plane was diverted because of promising intelligence of possible debris in the water. Once on station, the plane descended through rain and clouds to skim just 300 feet above the water. Radar and powerful cameras beneath the plane scanned the ocean for 16 miles on either side of the plane. Searchers were posted at all of the plane’s windows. Three other search planes were also sent to the area. The plane worked back and forth through its search area in a lawn mowing pattern. Its radar picked up several hits, but one turned out to be a freighter. Two others were pods of dolphins. The Poseidon had enough fuel to scan for three hours and cover 4,100 square miles before having to begin the three hour trip back to its base north of Perth, Australia. The crew was disappointed that it hadn’t found anything. Lt. Commander Adam Schantz, who is in charge of the mission, has worked for the last seven days with less than three hours of sleep a night. He said that whatever was spotted on the satellite may have drifted away, driven by currents and winds.” Check out more about this report: P8 Poseidon Plane Searches 2 Floating Objects.

Earlier today, March 20 2014: Floating Objects spotted by Australian Air Force in Indian Ocean.  PM Tony Abbot says aircraft have been sent to investigate 2 floating objects – possibly related to the missing Malaysia  Airlines Flight 370.

PM Abbott said more analysis was needed before it could be determined whether the objects were, indeed, from Flight 370. “The task of locating these objects will be extremely difficult, and it may turn out that they may not be related,” he said, but he characterized the find as “new and credible information” in the search for the Beijing-bound plane, which disappeared March 8 after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur.

Australian Official explains more about the details of the floating objects.

More: Possible Parts of Missing Jet Spotted Off Australia: Prime Minister

At the same time, the search area was drastically narrowed today using refined satellite signals. The ABC news reports “the two possible paths have the plane heading toward the South Pole and ending, experts believe, off of Australia.”

U.S. officials familiar with the investigation tell ABC News that the hourly satellite pings from the jet had yielded far more clues than expected, enabling the focus of the search to be cut in half – from an area roughly the size of Texas to that of Arizona. More: Search for Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Drastically Narrows

Search Operations Update: UFOs spotted by Australian Airforce     Probe Update: The Ten Big Questions                                                             Conspiracy Theory Update: 239 Passengers and Crew may still Be Alive

There are many theories – both logic and bizarre, but I suggest we can stick first with the on going investigation of Malaysian authorities and other foreign experts. Of course, we cannot just rule out ‘conspiracy and supernatural theories,’ because every theory is possible.

The 239 people on board  Malaysia Flight 370 may still be alive as theorized by Mike Adams of Natural He earlier wrote  “Hijacking an airplane does not cause it to simply vanish from radar.”

In his article,  ‘Six important facts you’re not being told about lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370,’ Adams explained “Even if transponders are disabled on the aircraft, ground radar can still readily track the location of the aircraft using so-called “passive” radar (classic ground-based radar systems that emit a signal and monitor its reflection). Thus, the theory that the flight was hijacked makes no sense whatsoever. When planes are hijacked, they do not magically vanish from radar.  Read more:6 Hidden Facts About the Mysterious Disappearance

Adams also believe that the “vanished” Boeing 777 may also be in a hanger in Iran right now, being retrofitted with nuclear weapons and turned into a suicide bomb to be deployed over a major city in the Middle East. Read more: Flight 370  passengers may still be alive

March 15, 2014, authorities investigating the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 have declared that ‘IT WAS HIJACKED!’

But Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak “stopped short of calling it a hijacking, saying investigators have not made a final determination, and probers are investigating all major possibilities on what caused MH370 to deviate.”

Najib told international media organizations that the search and rescue operations over South China Sea has ENDED. Now focused on two search corridors: North: Kazakh-Turkmen border to Thailand. South: Indonesia to southern Indian Ocean.

The Malaysian Prime Minister was quoted, “the plane’s last communication with the satellite was in one of two possible corridors: a northern corridor stretching approximately from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand, or a southern corridor stretching approximately from Indonesia to the southern Indian ocean. The investigation team is working to further refine the information.”

Najib says “Malaysian authorities have refocused their investigation on crew and passengers aboard. Evidence is consistent with someone acting deliberately from inside the plane.”

More about thie Mysterious Malaysian Plane Disappearance Story

Day 7, March 15 2014: 1 week after the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlins plane, here comes again another theory, “likely crashed either in the Bay of Bengal or elsewhere in the Indian Ocean,” as reported by CNN.

If you believe the Malaysian Flight 370 incident was caused by Bermuda-like Event or a REAL ‘UFO’ Encounter , read more below this article.

March 15, 2014: It looks like it is going back to the first theory that the Malaysian Airliner crashed into the sea, but this time not in the South China Sea but in the Indian Ocean. This is based on alleged “classified intelligence analysis of electronic and satellite data.’ The CNN reports, this is the very reason, the United States moved the USS Kidd, a guided missile destroyer, into the Indian Ocean and Indian officials to expand its search effort into the Bay of Bengal.

March 14, 2014: Malaysian Flight 370 could have landed on the Andaman islands based on the radar data analysis. Though this theory is highly debatable. CNN said in a report “whoever was piloting the vanished jet was following navigational waypoints that would have taken the plane over the Andaman Islands.”  Read more: Missing Malaysian plane: Could it have landed?

Day 6, March 14, 2014: STIL NO CLUES, NO LEADS on the missing Malaysia Airlines plane Flight 370.  Theories have been analyzed, but the disappearance of the commercial plane remains a ‘MYSTERY.  Keep posted with the latest developments and updates.

The latest so far:  A theory that the Boeing 777 Malaysian plane flew and landed on Andaman Islands. This is based on the revelations by U.S. officials – automated reporting system on the airliner was pinging satellites for hours after its last reported contact with air traffic controllers. Aviation experts say it’s possible, if highly unlikely, that someone could have hijacked and landed the giant  Boeing 777 undetected.

But this claim was disputed by Dennis Giles, editor of the Andaman Chronicle newspaper. Giles says there’s just nowhere to land such a big plane in his archipelago without attracting notice. Indian authorities own the only four airstrips in the region, he said.  “There is no chance, no such chance, that any aircraft of this size can come towards Andaman and Nicobel islands and land,” he said.

March 14, 2014: The US 7th Fleet deploys USS Kidd Destroyer in the Indian Ocean. “It’s a completely new game now,” Cmdr. William Marks of the U.S. 7th Fleet, which is helping in the search, told CNN, describing the situation. “We went from a chess board to a football field.” More: Indian Ocean Search for the Malaysian Flight 370

‘March 13, 2014: Malaysian aviation authorities reject a suggestion that the missing Malaysia Airlines plane kept flying for four hours after its last reported contact.  Malaysia’s acting Transportation Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says ‘it is inaccurate.’

Earlier, Wall Street Journal reports U.S. aviation investigators and national security officials were basing their belief that the missing plane kept flying on data automatically transmitted to the ground from the passenger jet’s engines. The newspaper attributed the information to two unidentified people who were “familiar with the details.” More: Malaysia disputes another theory

March 13, 2014:  Authorities are facing again another blank on the  ‘search’ for the missing Malaysia flight 370 after Vietnamese and Malaysian planes spotted no sign of debris when they flew over an area of sea that Chinese authorities had flagged as the location of possible remnants of the missing plane.

March 13, 2014: China releases satellite images that could show the debris of the missing Malaysia Airline Boeing-777.

Satellite ImageThe floating objects shown in the satellite image are about 13 by 18 meters (43 by 59 feet), 14 by 19 meters (46 by 62 feet) and 24 by 22 meters (79 feet by 72 feet).

Take note: he wingspan of an intact Boeing 777-200ER like the one that disappeared is about 61 meters (200 feet) and its overall length is about 64 meters (210 feet).  More about this story:  Satellite detects suspected crash site

March 12, 2014: Search for the missing Flight 370 expanded to 70,000 square kilometers (27,000 sq. mi.). Day 4 of search still no ‘clue’ where the location and what happened to the missing plane. 12 countries deployed their respective sophisticated planes and ships to search the expanded area. The multinational search and rescue is composed of 42 ships and 39 aircrafts.

On the first day (March 8, Saturday) of the incident, search and rescue efforts were focused on the Gulf of Thailand based on the expected flight path of the missing Malaysia airline.   Eventually, Malaysian authorities expanded the search area covering the Straits of Malacca – the other side of the Malay Peninsula. The authorities are assuming the missing plane flown back and hundreds of miles off course. They reported that the Malaysian Air Force had tracked the plane to a spot near the small island of Palau Perak off Malaysia’s west coast right after the plane’s transponder lost its signal in the radar.

The Malaysian government also requested the assistance of the US Aviation experts to analyze the recorded flight path of the missing flight 370 until it stopped sending signal more than 1 hour after it took off from the Kuala Lumpur Airport. More about the latest report on the Mysterious Disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370.

March 12, 2014: Phantom calls dismissed by technical experts. Technology industry analyst and “E-Commerce Times” columnist, Jeff Kagan told CNN that no conclusions can be reached concerning the ringing phones.

When a cell phone rings, he told “The Situation Room,” it first connects with the network and attempts to locate the end-user’s phone. “If it doesn’t find the phone after a few minutes, after a few rings, then typically, it disconnects and that’s what’s happening,” he said. More: Phantom Calls Debunked

March 11, 2014: Interpol declares “the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 does not appear to be related to terrorism.”
“The more information we get, the more we’re inclined to conclude that it was not a terrorist incident” Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said at a news conference in Lyon, France. On the contrary, CIA Director John Brennan insisted terrorism remains a possibility and called the Missing Malaysia Airlines flight ‘a very disturbing mystery.’ “I don’t know (what happened),” he said. “But I don’t think people should, at this point, rule out any of these lines of inquiry.” More: Malaysia Flight Not a Terrorism

Somehow, we are entitled to share some theories about the incident. Up to this writing, all efforts are in progress to find the missing Boeing 777-200 plane with 239 people on board. Conspiracy theorists want to suggest about the existence of the planetary grid system – hyperdimensional triangles on the planet.  Others focus on the ‘Alien Abduction Theory’. Will be discussed later below.

As of March 11, 2014. Investigations focused on the change of the ‘flight path,’ hundreds of miles off course, after it vanished. A senior Malaysian air force official said ‘the MH 370 (MAS370)  showed up on radar for about 1 hour, 10 minutes longer — until it vanished, having apparently moved away from its intended destination, hundreds of miles off course.’

Watch how the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 lost from the radar monitor:

The Malaysian official says ‘the plane’s transponder apparently stopped working at about the time flight controllers lost contact with it, near the coast of Vietnam.’

The air force eventually and totally lost track of the plane over Pulau Perak, a tiny island in the Strait of Malacca — many hundreds of miles from the usual flight path for aircraft traveling between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing, the official said. More about this story with CNN news story on Mystery Malaysia Flight.


Malaysia-missing-plane-ufoConspiracy theorists could see an angle of UFO involved in this incident though I’m not really sure about that because no one saw something ‘unusual’ in the airspace where the Malaysian plane lost it’s radar signal. According to them, ‘it is a typical scifi-liked movie scenario of  a huge mothership appeared above the Malaysia Airlines plane and beamed it up without any trace.’

US Air Force AWACSUFO could be a man-made one according to an article published  by Human Are which could more believable story (if you really believe in conspiracy theories) about the disappearance of the Malaysian Airline flight 370.  The article says the commercial plane with 239 people on board could have been intentionally ‘hijacked’ by the US AWACS -a Boeing E-3 Sentry plane, commonly known as AWACS, is an airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft developed by Boeing as the prime contractor.  Read more about this story: Malaysia Flight 370, Hijacked by US AWACS

Another theory that could be closer, if all other theories are ruled out, – the effects of Hyperdimensional Planetary Grid which can be focused on the mysterious incidents of missing ships and airplanes just like in the Bermuda Triangle and all other triangular grids in the whole planet.PLANETARY GRID BIG

David Wilcock explained such theory based on Ivan Sanderson’s Vile Vortices which could have caused the disappearances of marine ships and aircrafts in some parts of the globe.

This Planetary Grid are clustered into 12 key locations in the whole world; locations were equidistant from each other; and if connected the dots, it formed a sacred geometry of the ‘icosahedron.’

The Bermuda-Triangle like incident in Asia could have trapped the missing Malaysian Airline. This is explained by Philippines’ Paranormal expert Jaime T. Licauco when interviewed in  DZRH radio station program.

These are just THEORIES that might possibly caused the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370, until such time the experts could prove it, whether they FIND OR NOT any debris or wreckage of the commercial plane.  Check out more about the PLANETARY GRID SYSTEM

In the meantime, there’s a sci-fi movie suggesting the existence of a rip in space-time, where a ‘commercial airline’ went missing. )

UPDATE: March 10, 2014.  Day 3. Still no ‘clues’ on the whereabouts of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370. Floating object identified as sail raft not from the missing plane. Oil slick near Vietnam waters, found to be bunker oil from sailing ships.

There are 7 incidents of reported mysterious missing planes through the history since 1937, when the first woman pilot Amelia Earhart and her flight navigator on-board Lockheed Model 10 Electra vanished without trace vanished over the Pacific Ocean. Neither their bodies nor the aircraft were recovered.
  Read more:  Missing Planes Mysteries.

In the meantine, let’s just wait for any development on the on-going search and rescue operations in the South China Sea near Vietnam.

Most sophisticated planes and marine ships have been deployed by many countries including the U.S. P-3 and USS Pinckney helicopters.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and keep praying that the search and rescue teams could find the Malaysian plane the soonest possible time. #

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  1. UPDATE: Reuter reports – The disappearance of a Malaysian jetliner is an “unprecedented aviation mystery”, a senior official said on Monday, with a massive air and sea search now in its third day failing to find any confirmed trace of the plane or 239 people aboard. The head of Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, said a hijacking could not be ruled out as investigators explore all theories for the loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 en route to Beijing.
    “Unfortunately we have not found anything that appears to be objects from the aircraft, let alone the aircraft,” he told a news conference. “As far as we are concerned, we have to find the aircraft, we have to find a piece of the aircraft if possible.” More:

  2. UPDATE: March 11 2014
    Aviation officials say they haven’t ruled out any possibilities in the investigation so far. It’s hard for them to reach any conclusions until they find the plane, along with its voice and data recorders. Malaysian police are focusing on four particular areas: hijacking, sabotage, psychological problems of the passengers and crew, and personal problems among the passengers and crew.
    More from CNN News:

  3. UPDATE: March 11, 2014 21:00 Interpol ‘inclined to conclude’ Malaysia Airlines disappearance not terror.
    Interpol declares “the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 does not appear to be related to terrorism.”
    “The more information we get, the more we’re inclined to conclude that it was not a terrorist incident” Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble said at a news conference in Lyon, France. More:

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