We Are Not Alone (Real Encounters in the Phils.)

Most of us still believe that we (humans) are the only inhabitants of this planet – Earth.  We are wrong…definitely WRONG! Because  with this kind of thinking, we refuse to accept the TRUTH, that WE ARE NOT ALONE.

UFO PhilsSo many movies, film documentaries, forums, blogs and articles have been shown to us about the existence of the OTHER BEINGS, and yet we FAIL to acknowledge their presence.

The refusal to understand and accept the truth that we are not alone is just based on an ‘egoistic mind set’ which is asking for more ‘extraordinary’ evidences or proof.

By searching the cyberspace, you can find many evidences and proofs of the existence of other beings, i’m sure you can get the information that  could fit your questions and satisfy your doubtfulness.

If we talk about other beings, we nomally think about Extra Terrestrials (ETs) or alien beings, and we ignore the existence of the ‘Inter-Dimensional Beings (IDBs).’

Well, ETs can also be IDBs, though there are other beings called ‘Ultra-Terrestrial Beings (UTBs)’ known as thUFO-image Philse ‘Intra-Terrestrial Beings (ITBs)’, believed to be far more advanced beings (hybrid inner earth humans) living inside our planet under the theory of Hollow Earth.

Whether they exist or not,  the answer depends on how you accept the truth about them. Most people consider them as ‘imaginary beings’ because they don’t really exist in the physical reality.

The body composition of the ETs are half-physical and half spiritual (astral) though there are other beings that are pure energies which you cannot see nor touch them.

Based on the reported ET encounters, these ‘beings,’ whatever you can call them, spotted by the witnesses and have seen them with their own eyes, though other encounters were reported by clairvoyants (people who could see the spiritual beings and other dimensions).

A very notable ET encounter took place in 1984, where children saw a ‘large, disk-shaped craft’ landed in Ormoc City, Leyte. The kids described the occupants alighted from the spacecraft as ‘bulbous-non-human beings.’

The Philippines’ weather bureau PAGASA with it’s 8-man UFO investigators admit they cannot explain nor reject such ET encounter in Leyte.

The team leader of the PAGASA UFO team Elmer Escosia, was quoted: “It was impossible not to believe the children’s testimonies since they gave the same descriptions.”

“He added they sent the description of the ‘aliens’ to other investigators in the USA who appeared to be similarly stumped.”

In July 2011 or 27 years after, a giant TV network made their own follow-up documentary on the Ormoc kids, and these guys (now living in separate places with their respective families) were interviews in separate occasions, described exactly what they saw during their ET encounter.alien encounters

In November 1968, a close encounter of the alien humanoids were reported in Baros, Samar. The ETs were about about six feet tall when the a farmer spotted them through the UFO’s transparent canopy. The ET humanoids were seen by the witness piloting the craft.

In April 25 1979,  a farmer named  Mamerto Demetillo saw disk-shaped object hovering about 20 yards above the ground, apparently looking for a place to land. Demetillo followed the object and saw two similar UFOs, about 300 yards away, which had already landed. From each object, two humanoids came out and formed a circle. The six beings were pointing in all directions and nodding their heads which the witness assumed was some form of alien communication.

The farmer described the UFOs as 8 ft in diameter and about 8ft high, each with 4 metal legs. The saucers had small holes around their perimeter that had flames coming out if them while they were flying but only light like headlights came out if them while landed.

The report said, the encounter lasted for 15 minutes and the ET beings got back into their ‘ships,’ took off rising up to 65 feet and instantly shoot off horizontally.

Some clairvoyants and ET contactees told me about their ET encounters though most of these occured in the astral reality or in dream-like state.alien-abduction

Up to this date, ET encounters still continue though the frequency varies from one place to another but most ‘ET contacts” are subtle invitations, some are abductions, some are communications or channeling of messages, while others are intended for spiritual enlightenment.

If you’re a Filipino or residing in the Philippines and if you have something to share about ET or Alien Encounters whether abduction or invitation, please feel free to post your piece or contact me: 09081217808 and 09179076847. Email: reysibayan@gmail.com.

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