The Power of Lightning (The Divine Touch)

I received a gift from a friend which to my surprise can be used as powerful tool for manifestation of wishes and prayers. It also has the power to awaken the ‘serpent of fire’ also known as kundalini.

SONY DSCMineral and crystal experts say FULGURITES are ‘among the most powerfiul stones for manifestating one’s visions through the power of prayer.

Fulgurite represents all the chakras or the ‘vortex of energy’ which could lead to instant spiritual/psychical awakening and purification.

Fulgurite tubes are formed by ‘lightning strikes’ on sand or any silica-rich  soil. The event that creates the fulgurites is so powerful because the lightning carries extremely large amounts of static electricity which is discharged in a very small spot.

The temperature is calculated to be extremely  hotter than the surface of the sun. The heat is intense enough to vaporize the sand at the center of the ‘strike’ melting the material around the edges.

Eventually forming the fulgurite tube from the melted sand and the hole down the middle  is where the vaporized material had been.

If you ask me where fulgurites can be found? Mostly in beaches and deserts which are about one to three inches in length and less than an inch in diameter.

A general suggestion below on how to use the Fulgurites:

Robert Simmons, author of the book ‘Stones of the New Consciousness suggests to sit for a while in meditation, deeply visualize your prayer or wish and then put the Fulgurite tube on your lips and by exhaling or blowing through the tube, you are actually sending the prayer or intention to the Divine.  Imagine the lightning energy in reverse, pulling itself back to the clouds along with your visualized prayer or wish . Then see the manifestation of all your prayers and wishes overflowing the streams and rivers of your life.

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