UFOs Behind the Clouds? Why?

In the Philippines, I’ve been observing these strange clouds everywhere especially during daytime. One day I saw a shiny silver disk-shaped object in the Eastern horizon flying westward and it suddenly disappeared behind the clouds.

Almost a year ago I saw an amazing strange cloud just above a local Carnival Park in CCP Complex, Pasay. I know and I could feel there’s something behind that enormous cloud looks like a mother ship.

Experts Warn Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI) Might Eat, Enslave, Attack Humans

The study faces up to the most chilling possibilities: ETI might “eat us, enslave us, attack us,” inadvertently infect us with horrible diseases or just decide to eliminate us for the greater good of the universe. (Regarding this last point, the report is especially concerned that ETI might be at least metaphorically green and see us a threat to the universe’s ecology.

Not All Flying Saucers are Alien Ships

UFOs are classified as those from outer space or made by the extraterrestrials. But there’s a fact based on evidences that there are UFOs that are terrestrials in origin – made by man.

Today, the flying saucer technology is used for the making of drones though there are speculations that militaries are using real flying discs in covert operations.

Is this an Extraterrestrial Message?

ET Contact? Extraterrestrials are not insensitive because they themselves are consistent with their attempt to send us their replies to our queries. Scientists say we didn’t receive any message from outer space though we are bombarded with many coded messages as we see them with our own eyes. We don’t need to be very telepathic…

ET Sa Lu Sa of Sirius

Sa Lu Sa from Sirius 02.26.05 We are going to encourage you to think big, because you are soon to be introduced to technologies that are truly astounding by your standards. By now you have the general idea of what we have in mind, but consider the extreme pollution both on and off Earth. Your…

The ET Civilizations

ET contacts there are at least 70 extraterrestrial civilization are here on Earth or visiting Earth since the beginning of time. The following are some of the ET civilizations. ARCTURIANS Arcturus is one of the most advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy. It is a fifth dimensional civilization which, in reality, is like a prototype…