Let’s Roll with Bicycle

Let’s admit we have a cancerous problem of transportation in the Philippines. Yes we have several solutions in mind but ineffective in actual implementation and the horrendous traffic getting worst everyday. What could be the real problem here? The traffic schemes! Transportation officials? Or we ourselves are the REAL problem? Well yes, most of the citizens lack discipline with regards to road and traffic regulations

Whether you drive your own car or take public utility vehicles, we all have the same problem along the road – heavy traffic, poor road conditions, obstructions etc.

Solutions like clearing operations of road and sidewalk obstructions can ease up heavy traffic problems but still we keep facing the problem.

In my opinion, it’s about time to campaign the use of bicycles for daily commute.

That’s why I also started my bike to work, cycling sports and campaigning for the security, safety and welfare of cyclists and bikers. Let’s support the proposed measures for cycling to strengthen the advocacy of cycling to solve transportation problems. Kudos to Senator Pia Cayetano and Miguel Zubiri

Just recently I joined the World Car Free Day riding my ‘Bruce’ the Giant ATX2 Mountain Bike.

Watch the video:

Real Mysteries Not Just Stories (In Filipino via Abante)

Mysteries, Metaphysical and Paranormal Experiences can happen to anyone, anywhere and anytime.

I have written some of these real paranormal encounters published in my Misteryo Column of Philippines’ leading tabloid Abante and Abante tonite.

The stories are based on true experiences. I intentionally changed the names and the exact places to protect the privacy of our #-TeamMisteryo sources.

Please share your Paranormal, Metaphysical or Mystical Experiences.

Email us at TeamMisteryo2019@gmail.com

Lagim ng Aswang

Mga Gumagalang Kaluluwa sa Balete

Multo ng Amo Nagbilin sa Text

Sekyu Sinabayan ng Multo sa Pagronda

Mga Mukha sa Dingding

Kamay ng Anito

Nakatuwaan ng mga Engkanto

Multong Pugot sa Campus

Kamatayan o Engkanto sa Trahedya sa Iloilo

Mga Multo sa Hotel

Hinabol ng Anino na may Pulang Mata

3 Black Ladies sa Haunted Compound

Mag-Inang Multo sa Mall

Mga Batang Multo, Pasaway sa Condo

Namatay na Dyanitor, Pumasok sa Trabaho

Mag-Dyowa Sinaway sa Away

Nasindak ng Multo sa Bote

Husgado sa Kweba, Kinatakutan

Horror Elevator sa Condo

Hinabol ng Santelmo

NEED HELP! Tell me your Paranormal, Metaphysical or Mystical Encounters.

Please feel free to share your stories to TeamMisteryo2019@gmail.com.