Practical Tips for Third Eye (ESP) Development

If you believe you have psychic abilities then by just believing you have the ESP, you are actually in the method of developing your inner senses.

I agree with such idea and advice to those who want to develop and improve their “sixth sense” because by believing you have the psychic ability, you are affirming to yourself or claiming you really have it.

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Don’t Trust Good Looking Spirits (Elementals or Encantos)

Unknown to many Filipinos especially Pinays, elementals or nature spirits (local name: encanto) are visiting them in their dreams appearing to be good looking guys and friendly.

But in the end, their astral bodies will be trapped in the elemental kingdom mostly turning them into slaves or imprison them for infinite period.

A 35-year old woman, who claimed she was being abducted by an “encanto” and in captivity for three years,was freed by a known spiritual healer.

Jinalyn Hugo of Puerto Princesa, reveals her ordeal on air over DZRH’s
paranormal radio program Misteryo, a week after she was being freed from
captivity by Energy/Magnetic Healer Bro. Emil.

Bro. Emil, a native of Naga City, is known to have special abilities of extracting
negative energies(diseases) and bad spirits with his unique healing
technique and using the Guardian Diamond crystals.

Hugo remembers she was sleeping past midnight – 3 years ago, in their house
in Palawan, when an encanto identified as tikbalang – a horse-headed
elemental, forcibly pulled her astral(spiritual) body from her resting
physical body and tied her up with a tree without food and drinks

Hugo’s claim confirms several cases of encanto abductions in the Philippines mostly victimizing women (preferably
virgins/young girls), and held in captivity while others were imprisoned
as slaves in the realm of the elementals.

Elementals are those nature spirits associated with elements (earth, fire, water, air),and
earth elementals such as dwarves, horse-headed being (tikbalang) and big hairy spirit (kapre) are commonly identified as
abductors of women, though there were also reports that malevolent
fairies and mermaids are luring male humans, and trapped them in their

Of course, we cannot say that all elementals are considered to be negative spirits but we just want to warn people
especially women not to trust good looking guys appearing in their
dreams and eventually abducting their astral bodies and imprison them in
their kingdom.

The worst effects of these astral body abductions were the sufferings of the physical bodies being used/abused by other
elemental beings,while the owners are in captivity – mostly possessed by
low level spirits, bombarded with illness and eventually leading to
victims’ physical death.

Prayer, meditation, spiritual shielding and other protective stones/crystals are suggested methods for
protection against encanto or elemental abductions.

Source: Misteryo: Healer Frees Woman from Encanto’s Captivity