Practical Tips for Third Eye (ESP) Development

If you believe you have psychic abilities then by just believing you have the ESP, you are actually in the method of developing your inner senses.

I agree with such idea and advice to those who want to develop and improve their “sixth sense” because by believing you have the psychic ability, you are affirming to yourself or claiming you really have it.

Well, to tell you frankly “all people have the psychic abilities” either you are aware or not.

Mostly, people don’tmeditation-chakras really acknowledge such abilities and keep saying they are just hallucinating or imagining things which they cannot really explain.

Now, I’m telling you there is a “very thin line” to identify the hallucination or “seeing/sensing real things” beyond logical comprehension.

Of course, you could only identify the “real from not” based on your own judgement and awareness. If you believe you are seeing real things not seen by others then so be it.

But, I just wanted to reiterate what Professor Jimmy Licauco advised me when I decided to immerse myself into the field of the metaphysical and paranormal, “don’t get overboard.”

Which means keep your awareness attached to the physical plane while exploring the world beyond the material, to avoid the worst case scenario such as insanity.

Before mentioning some practical ways for ESP development, a friendly reminder to all, seeing the spirit world is ‘NOT A JOKE’ because you will be dealing here the entities or beings beyond our realm though it is exciting¬† if you see them roaming around among the living.

Another reminder, don’t expect to achieve the visual clairvoyance or seeing the other dimensions with your eyes, most clairvoyant ability can be developed by seeing the other realities with your mind’s eye.

Now, here are some practical tips which can guide everyone in developing psychic abilities:

1. Acknowledge¬† – by believing you have the psychic abilites you are actually affirming to yourself you really have the ESP. You can also keep saying to youself you are a “psychic.” The affirmation or self-talk can be a ‘mantra’ which has a scientific basis. The repetition of words rewires your brain to achieve its physical changes.

2. Practice – we know that “practice makes it perfect,” applies to any skill you want to develop, so it also applies to psychic abilities. Whatever ESP or sixth sense you want to develop, keep practicing. You may use some tools (tarot cards, pendulum, crystals etc) to unleash your intuition as first attempt to develop your abilities but I normally advise people to learn first how to calm the mind by meditation. If you are first timer, you can search the net for free guided meditation videos/tutorial.

3. Confidence – this is important whenever you use your psychic abilities. You should be sure with your psychic readings specially if the person asking you some questions could just be relying on what’s the best advice you could give him, to guide him in toughest situations. Nonetheless, you can suggest many solutions using your intuition and let him choose what he thinks the best.

4. Evolve – this is the ultimate goal of our existence in this lifetime. We have to live with the highest goal to evolve (upgrade, ascend), not only with our physical/material life but we should give the most importance with our spiritual life. This is the real meaning of ‘awakening’ from the old consciousness to an open, more flexible, understanding, wider and higher consciousness.

5. Ground – in the field of the metaphysical, paranormal and spiritual, it is highly recommended to keep our ‘feet on the ground.’ This can be interpreted both literally and figuratively, which means whatever and whenever we develop and practice our psychic abilities, make sure to always ground ourselves (consciousness) to the physical. Grounding such as find time to engage in sports, watch movies, share some jokes and active in social media.

6. Keep the faith – Faith is different from just believing you have the psychic ability. This involves our trust to our higher self, our spirit guides or our connection with God and other divine beings. It is important that during the process of our evolution including the development of our psychic abilities to keep our faith to the highest being we trust regardless of our religion or belief system.

These are just my own practical tips for psychic development. ESP, sixth sense, third eye or whatever word you can describe psychic abilities, it is important to keep in mind the word “enlightenment.” Enlightenment is the total evolution of our consciousness both in the physical and spiritual. It is the Christhood or Buddha consciousness. It is the ‘all-in-one’ Third Eye Consciousness wherein all the psychic centers are awakened, balanced and aligned.

The following videos below could help you awaken your psychic centers, the first step of developing your ESP known as sixth sense or third eye.

This is a guided meditation just listen to every instruction:

The video below has the effects of developing your psychic powers with the Isochronic Binaural beats, just listen.

Keep practicing and Keep the Faith. Namaste