Tour in Singapore’s Cycling Paradise and City Streets

It was memorable experience – cycling at world’s ‘finest city’ Singapore. If Singapore can create a cycling paradise, why can’t other countries like Philippines can do the same?

Singapore is known as one of the richest city states in the world, but it is also known as front liner in promoting healthy environment both for people and the planet.

Why? How? Obviously, everywhere in Singapore has ‘greens’, you can see trees and plants. People are strongly encouraged to be active to be physically fit and healthy by cycling, walking and running. People regularly interacts with nature especially when cycling at their green parks – East Coast Park, Punggol Park.

They have network of cycling paths around Singapore. Upon arrival at Changi airport, you can ride bicycles to go anywhere in the city state especially at downtown Marina Bay, Clark Quay, Chinatown among others.

That’s the reason I think they encourage their citizens to cycle – to ride bicycle everywhere in Singapore. They discourage people to have cars that’s why they have very expensive cars in Singapore. They encourage people to ride on mass transport systems, bus and MRT.

Find out more about Singapore’s cycling paradise and some facts about the city state.

WATCH FULL VIDEO of my Cycling and Walking Tour in Singapore