Are You Afraid of Ghost Month

Nope! You should not be afraid of Ghost Month but always remember to be cautious on whatever decision or action you make.

Hungry Ghost Month in 2022 starts July 29 to August 26, based on the Chinese lunar calendar. The peak of this tradition is on August 12, they call it Hungry Ghost Festival.

Most fengshui experts say NO BIG decisions/major activities during Ghost Month –

  • Don’t start new business
  • Don’t start construction
  • Don’t sign new contract
  • Don’t start new career
  • Don’t argue/quarrel
  • Don’t travel especially at night

During my weekly radio program Gabi Ng Misteryo, fengshui master Hanz Cua said the most important to do during Ghost Month is DON’T BE A BAD PERSON because you will suffer the karma or effects of what you did.

Another very important thing to do during Ghost Month is pray for the departed souls, offer them food but should be outside of your house, play good music and your house must be well lighted.

You can also wear bright/happy colored clothes, wear protective amulets/crystals, display Taoist/Buddhism figurine Chung Kwei, offer incense and you can consult experts like Hanz Cua (0922-829-0382)

More about this topic, you can watch the FULL EPISODE of the discussion (Filipino language)