True Encounters of Succubus and Incubus

Writing again another paranormal case. I have cases of succubus and incubus to share with you. Whether we believe they exist or not, I would firmly say THEY EXIST not on this plane but on the other side.

Though these type of ‘demons’ according to Christian belief are non-physical beings, they can manifest in the physical plane on their victims.

To make the discussion short, they prey on sleeping women and men to have sexual intercourse with them on the other reality or in dreams. They appear in dreams and they do their dark intentions there.

Succubi are demons appearing as beautiful women in dreams teasing sleeping men to have sex with them while incubi are demons doing the same with women.

There are many information about the succubus and incubus existence, but I would agree to the idea that these two demons are the same, they only swap genders according to their desire. Succubus needs semen of male human as their life force and eventually turn themselves into incubi to impregnate women. Maybe some of you heard the story of Lilith, the female demon and her counterpart Lilu, the male demon in the Mesopotamian beliefs

I am sharing here the encounter story of Ronald of Malabon when he had sexual relationship with a demon succubus appeared as beautiful woman in his dream. Ronald said he cannot the resist the his sexual desire every time the succubus appears.

Another story was of Timmy of Makati when she woke up in wee hours and saw a faceless, ivory-skinned naked entity sitting on top of her. The demon incubus wanted to rape her in dreams but she fought the demon, hitting his face and disappeared.